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“Recipe for seizing goals: decency and modesty”

Sometimes life takes unavoidable turns bringing challenges that need to be defeated with hard work, determination, confidence and hope for the future.

Today we will meet Dr. Demoz Abraha. He was born in June 24, 1986 in the subzone of Senafe, he joined the 19th round to Sawa and then came back to Asmara to continue his studies in the Orotta Medical School. He is currently contributing significantly to society, working as a general doctor at the Assab referral hospital. He is a young man who has held tight to his lifetime goals throughout his life.

– Educational background


In general, I wasn’t very focused in elementary school. I became a more dedicated student in junior-high, believing in the power of education and committing to study with absolute fortitude. I later went to Sawa and was able to score a high GPA, which afforded me admission to medical school and guaranteed me a future as a doctor.

– Why medical school?

In junior high, I found science massively fascinating. My uncle encouraged me to pursue medical education at the same time I was undergoing training prepared by NUEYS on first aid so I think that that was when I discovered my inclination towards human anatomy. At first, before going to Sawa, I decided on public health but after matriculation, my GPA allowed me to go for health science and now here I am.

I admire Hippocrates the most. He is the Father of medicine and I read his oath many times.

– Managing to keep up with his studies

All of my siblings had a keen desire to engage in schoolwork but rural life didn’t allow much school since they were only situated in few locations. I had only half of a day for my studies, the other half would be used up on work. Several kinds of work but mostly farming.

Difficulties, tribulations and inconveniencies are a lot of times inevitable and may also pose unsolvable threats but to have the right mind set to overcome them is the greatest thing one can do. And if it is about problems that are not easily solvable, then one needs to rely on hope of a better future and learn how to not give up. I got this far because I faced my challenges with decency along with modesty.

– His support system

I wasn’t even aware that my grandfather supported me so much. He used to go to my school and talk with my teachers to see if he could be of help. He never told me this but he massively supported my cause. He obviously understood the benefits I’d gain from going to school. Also, in Sawa, since I didn’t get the Zagre award, I missed out on the laptop, which is one of the prizes awarded to students with a perfect GPA. Getting a laptop on my own was beyond hard. I was in medical school so I imagined things would be easier if I had a laptop. And this is where I want to mention my big supporter, my friend whom I met in Sawa: Habtom Shinash.

My family was understanding about the things I didn’t prioritize since I was busy with school. They were certainly supportive.

– Enthusiastic about education

There is a specific moment, amongst the many, that I remember the most. When I was a university student, I was so sick. So sick that I couldn’t walk and was admitted to the hospital. I had hoped to get better and participate in the exams but my health was not getting any better. I was devastated. But since every moment mattered to me, I insisted I’d take part in the exams. I supplicated for a wheelchair so that I could get myself to the university. In the end, I was allowed to do the exam in my hospital bed!

– Early marriage

The reasons for early marriage may be many and versatile. Both of my parent are not alive at the moment and they one of my main reasons for the early marriage. I got married in my third year of medical school. I’m most grateful to my wife as her role is immense. Especially regarding how she copes with raising our two children.

– Arts?

Leisure. In junior school my teachers organized class activities and made us write poems. And during the Festival of Higher Institutions my play won an award. One more thing I like to do for diversion is to travel. I have visited many tourist sites of Eritrea. At present, on my way back and to Assab, I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about Adulis. I want to visit the gulf of Adulis. It is a marvellous historical site.

– Prospects on the youth

I want Eritrean youth to keep up its tradition of resilience and hard work.

– Future plans

I think I’m specializing in gynecology. This will be my next step.

– Thank you for your time Dr.!

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