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Message of President Isaias on the Occasion of Fenkil celebrations

Message of President Isaias on the Occasion of Fenkil celebrations


Allow me to first express my profound gratitude to all those who have contributed to the celebrations of the 26th anniversary of Operation Fenkil. Let me also pay tribute, on this auspicious day, to the heroic martyrs who sacrificed their lives 26 years ago to make history. May your heroic feats be glorified forever! For the members of Eritrea’s Defense Forces who fought with dedication in the liberation of the country yesterday and who continue to tirelessly toil in today’s challenges of nation building to write tomorrow’s history, I wish them redoubled gratification. Above all, I wish progress and prosperity, as a reward for their unparalleled endeavours, to the Eritrean people at home and abroad who constitute a veritable model of patience, resilience, hard work and victory.

Fenkil 26 is being celebrated in a year of above normal precipitation and lush green coverage of the entire area from Ras Kiesar to Dumera. The good rains that engender hope and inspiration remind us what could have been achieved, beyond temporary delight, had we managed to harness the rainfall by constructing dams, diversion canals, and, by embarking on afforestation programmes throughout the Northern Red Sea and Southern Red Sea Regions On the other hand, this fact underscores the magnitude and complexity of the challenges of development that we have to undertake without complacency. That we need to ramp up our efforts and ensure that they measure up to our challenges is indeed too vivid to merit emphasis.

Another point that requires attention on this occasion is the vital importance we need to attach to the preservation of our historical heritage. The Northern Red Sea Region is a particular place where most and the biggest historical events had occurred; where most of our heroic patriots were laid to rest. In spite of this fact, the indispensable task of preservation and maintenance of our historical heritage has not been undertaken with the requisite rigour. In the event, I reiterate the need to launch serious and phased programmes of preservation in tandem with the infrastructural and development projects that are underway.


Eternal Glory to our Martyrs!
Victory to the Masses!

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