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Azel Pharmaceutical: Guaranteeing the Efficacy of Medication and Quality

With appreciatively kept excellence in expanding its production lines from three tracks in 2003 to eight in 2015, Azel Pharmaceutical is one of the well renowned firms in Eritrea. Established in 1994 by the Ministry of Health, Azel is a joint company which is respectively owned by the Government of the State of Eritrea and JPM (Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company). Highly consolidated by cumulative experiences from the field—Sahel—since 1984, Azel soon started making its mission true.

With undeniable proficiency of its Jordanian partner which had then over three decade experience in this field, Azel focuses on working complied with the current international good manufacturing practices thereby to ensure that, undoubtedly, its products attain the utmost parameter of purity and efficacy. Thus, the company is working industriously to ensure the continuity of advocating for the right of the people to consume its pharmaceutical productions with full confidence. “Guaranteeing every single product is founded on the principle that we are dealing with ensuring effectiveness of every-single lifesaving product,” asserts the Company.

Consequently, to safeguard its efforts concerning producing effective medication supplies, the firm has the Quality Control Department, which this in turn has four sections. Sections concerning to the provision of raw-materials, the stability section, finished products section and the microbiology section are there for catalyzing the endeavors for the quality assurance efforts.

For quality control has complicated layers and various characters of warranties, Azel applies well coded international analytical methods which are adopted from respective British, European and the US pharmacopeias.

Even after successful achievement in surpassing the stricture of the Quality Control, the Quality Assurance Department has the over-all responsibility for probing deeply concerning to the Company’s adherence to the latest updated assessment, implementation and controlling regulations. While continuing efforts that the qualities are assured and qualification-standardized, yet, regulatory measurements are still very restrictive to control every aspect of tablets, capsules, syrups and suspension products.

In fact, as having well equipped human resource is the priority to meet the objectives of the Company, Azel strives to train and develop its employees accordingly. And supported by this strategy, employees’of seven departments of the firm have been upgrading their work qualification, and the specifications are clearly elaborated in the Job Title Training Requirement (JTTR). And as Operations department has the highest employees in Azel, continuous assessment is also high in this department thereby to identify training needs.

Its well-constructed building in Keren also provides employment opportunities for local residents of the City, as in Asmara has also its commercial branch which is engaging in distributing and selling high qualified essential drugs at competitive price. This Commercial Office is responsible for carrying-out all distribution-centered activities. Anti-diabetic, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, antifungal, anti-medicines for inflammatory effects, malarial and invectives are some of the limited product lists Azel is proud to distribute using the Asmara based branch, among others.

With priorities to attain the course of action of World Health Organization and armoring its efforts that would consolidate its future export-oriented objectives, the firm is marching well in developing and formulating its branded generic pharmaceuticals. The firm asserts that, side-to-side addressing its current challenges, emphasizing the excellence of its production lines for tablets, ORS, capsules, syrups and suspension, antibiotics (caps and DPS) and antiseptics, is also one of its main priorities.
With appreciative endeavors for ensuring the safety of its own pharmaceutical brands, Azel has also been engaging in consolidating efforts of the Ministry of Health in ensuring the availability of medical supplies at competitive prices. Accordingly, with about 256 employees, organizational structure of the Company is well armed to continue its determinant role in continuing the confidence of having safe pharmaceutical products. In fact, every capsule, every tablet, all-in-all every product of the firm is aimed at dealing with life which seeks patience, huge financial potency and sophisticated production methods. And, despite the already achieved accomplishments, Azel is there on the track for excelled and best future.

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