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Statement of H.E. Osman Saleh


Statement  of H.E. Osman  Saleh , Minister   of Foreign  Affairs  of the State  of Eritrea,at the Third  India-Africa   forum  Summit

New Delhi
27 October  2015


Honourable Minister of External Affairs of India, Madam  Sushma Sawaraj,

Excellency  Chairperson, Excellencies,

It is my privilege  and honour to express my deep appreciation  to the Indian government  for organizing  and hosting this timely ministerial forum to discuss vital issues of growth and development.  On behalf of my delegation,  I would also like to thank the government  of India for the warm welcome  and hospitality  accorded to us.

The India-Africa  Forum  is an important platform  of consultations capable of supporting  the ongoing efforts to enhance the level of cooperation  between Africa and India. It is also a testimony  to the seismic shift that is taking place in the world.

In this emerging  strong partnership  between Africa and India, economic cooperation,  particularly  trade and investment-  from India to Africa as well as from Africa to India- has rightly taken precedence.  We  note with  satisfaction  that encouraging  progress has been registered  in this
critical area of cooperation,  even as we are keenly  aware that much more remains to be done.

The cooperation  between India and Africa also extends to politics and diplomacy,  to the crucial common  struggle for peace, stability and a more equitable  world. Indeed, India and Africa are badly served by the existing unfair international  system which is an outdated relic of the post-Second  World War arrangements.  The situation  demands that both sides join hands to forge an international  world order that reflects our era and reality. Specifically,  we need to work together  to make sure that the United Nations, as well as all international  financial  institutions  and security arrangements  serve the interests and wellbeing  of all peoples and countries of the world.

At the bilateral  level, relations between India and Eritrea are friendly and warm. And yet, they have not been translated  into robust cooperation,  despite the tremendous  opportunities  that exist for both sides. Eritrea is keen to develop mutually beneficial ties with India, and this stance that is shared by the Indian government.  We are confident that this Summit will consolidate  relations between India and Eritrea as well as the whole continent.

I thank you.


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