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“Something special that would have my name and my nationality tag on it”

After securing a Zagre Award, (an excellence award given to students who score highest in matriculation exams), in the 23rd round to Sawa, she went on realizing what she calls “a life time dream” by studying anthropology and graduating from Adi Qeih College of Arts and Social Sciences with great distinction.
Q&A gives you today Feruz Sied, born in 1993 in Saudi Arabia. An exemplary young lady working ambitiously towards getting hold of a stable future doing what she loves most.


What would you say of your childhood?

The most memorable. Almost every one holds dear childhood memoirs and so do I. I am the youngest in my family so I was coddled a lot.

I wanted to be a pilot but then growing up I found myself being fascinated by anthropology. I grew up being a happy child as such I have cheerful recollections. This is what I would say about my childhood.


History and geography were my strongest point in sixth grade. Civilizations of the ancient Axumites, Mesopotamians & Romans appealed me the most. I had so many questions, I wanted to know how to get facts and data from fossil remains, prehistoric buildings and so on. My teacher really did put up with me!

I remember how one day he told me about archeology, that specific word, ‘archeology’ kept ringing constantly in my mind up until when I got in college. However, I decided to shift to anthropology because the department had two more courses that were not included in the department of archeology. So technically this was something I knew I was going to do since grade six.

I read every article about of any new findings, kept myself updated. Either ways, I still keep up this hobby. Only that now it is my profession!

One more thrilling reason why I studied anthropology and now I actually aspire to last in it; it is because the researches and studies we conduct are of first hand, always.

Where there any researches you did while you were in college?

Yes. You know, where ever you go in Eritrean colleges you learn and you apply it. So in my case we did come across a couple of findings, the first one was when we were in third year.

Other hobbies?

I like traveling. I ponder highly on the knowledge I gather while travelling. Being to many places gives me an insight to societies’ history, tradition, culture, norms and their ways of living. And much more.

Is there a place you haven’t been to in Eritrea?

I really want to go to Buya.

Great distinction?!

In life, if one has a point to reach there is no obstacle that can of an impediment to the journey. I am the only one in the family with a B.A degree. My older brother was someone I aspired to be like when I was much younger. Having idols and knowing where I would wanted to be one day, made my journey less complicated: like a natural fixation.

How was college?

Can I just explain it by mentioning one day? You can have a general image from it.

Please do.

April first 2014. Those days were quite hectic for my peers and I, mainly because we were working on our senior year research paper and so I was a bit tired. Meanwhile on the same day, a pregnant woman with RH O- blood type, which is very rare, was suffering at the referral hospital of the area. Six people’s blood was needed. The hospital requested help from the college and four were found, me being one of them. We went to the hospital and donated blood, but it was not enough. I asked if I could donate more but they told me that it is not allowed.

So I went back to the college and printed out an announcement saying that help was needed and posted it around. After a while, peers told me that I shouldn’t be surprised if no one showed up because of the nature of April fool. It finally hit me then.

So I went all over my posts, once again, with a marker writing “it is not joke, it is for REAL!”

That is how two more students volunteered for the pregnant woman.

We have a great tradition of helping each other out. One of which is the donation of blood, it has become a very normal aspect of our day to day lives. It is nice to have such beautiful traditions like this one.

What would your advice be to young students?

To the youth in general … it is very important for us to have an objective. We should do a self-examination, to be aware of our present and from there aim for the future.

Your dream?

My immediate term dream is to get my masters & PhD. While my major desire is to have a finding of my own; a new one, big. Something special that would have my name and my nationality tag on it!

Best of luck to you!


Compiled by Billion Temesghen

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