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It’s the way I communicate with the outside world…

Few have the ability and talent to capture life on paper, whether through words or pictures, and even fewer possess the sheer brilliance of being able to put the world and life itself in a form of a painting one brush stroke at a time. Today’s Q&A guest is a young artist who has painted numerous paintings over the years.

  • Thank you for joining us today.

My pleasure.

  • Please tell us a little about you?

My name is Noah Mulubrhan; I was born 1984 in Asmara. I went to Felegehiwet Elementary School, and Sematat Secondary School.  I joined Asmara Technical School and graduated in 2004 in Machine-shop.

  • When did you first realize your passion for art?

It started when I was a child, I used to see my father do some drawings and I think it started from that. As a child, I started to be very passionate about it; so in 2005 I started taking art classes at Mirara Art Association, which was a four year course.

  • How did your family feel about your hobbies back then?

Of course as most families do they wanted me to focus more on my academic studies, nevertheless they supported me in every way possible and continue to do so to this day. I am grateful to all of them.

  • When did you present your first painting?

In 2005, we presented a group exhibition at Mirara Art Association, and as a student I presented my first work of painting.

  • What is Art to you?

I would not find the right words to express what art is even if I try to, but to me it is a language I express my feelings, ideas and concepts with. It is the way I communicate with the outside world from my inside through the different mediums and techniques in paintings, installations or mixed media. I wish I had more to say but I don’t; only with art that I can express its meaning.

Painting, it is a medium trough which I get to share my thoughts, feelings and tell stories through different shapes and textures with different hues in a flat 2d surface to create lively images.

  • How many exhibitions have you presented so far?

Well, starting from 2005, I presented exhibitions in partnership with different artists every year except in 2014. Over all, I have done 11 exhibitions so far.

  • What kind of paintings do you paint?

Most of my paintings are figurative abstract and experimental paintings.

  • What types of art do you like then most?

Honestly, I admire every art work, but mostly I love conceptual and abstract art as it deals with ideas and innovations. Not only does it show the creativity level of the artist but it also is enjoyable.

  • What are the challenges of Eritrean artists?

Well, there are challenges that you have to face as an artist everywhere, but most commonly faced issues here are shortage of materials and the ones that are available are a bit expensive. Again, one of the biggest issues is lack of art schools. For young artists, to develop their skills and grow in number, the availability of art schools is essential. It is where they can be trained well.  There is of course financial constraints you have to deal with and the lack of awareness of the society. It would be good for the society to be aware of the fundamental concepts of art.

But we manage, artists I mean, because basically we each have an independent concept of what art is. You need to believe in yourself. If you deeply understand Art then that is what makes you stay strong in your passion. At the end of the day, it is the love of the profession that counts and that is why I stay devoted.

  • Do you paint for pleasure or an audience?

I get to be the first one to see my paints, I paint for myself and I enjoy it with my audience.  But the beauty of it is when you get to share it with people who understand and love art.

  • Some of your favorite Eritrean Artists, senior and younger?

Honestly, I admire all Eritrean artists; we are creative and inspirational artists, we all have ideas of great importance we want to convey. But if I have to name some, Ermias Okbe and Mussie Asgedom are some of the senior artists I admire. Favorite juniors are the Eagle group. Their works are outstanding, I want them to keep the good work up.

  • Your inspirations

I get most of the ideas from different painting books I read.  They talk about art and raise in me different concepts. Most of the time, even a single word, creates an atmosphere for a next painting.

  • Favorite painting

Maybe the next one, hopefully.

  • Any that you regret……

None! Never had regretted any of my paintings, I enjoy the process of painting them and equally love them all.

  • More to come?

Yes definitely. There will be more exhibitions for me.

  • Any advices to novice artists?

Work hard and be committed to your work. They need to read a lot and educate themselves. I also want to tell them to be motivated to get new ideas, to be honest with their feelings and talk with experienced artists; most of all to own positive attitude and be optimistic.

  • Do you think you have achieved your dream?

I believe I am starting to.

  • Any closing remarks?

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in every way: my family, friends, and teachers. But most of all the art community, thank you for your support.

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