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“…A perfect example across the world”

We speak today with members of a musical group ‘The Atlanta horns’ from Atlanta, Georgia USA. With their lead singer Mr Peter Peterson a connoisseur of more than fifty years along with their producer an operator of an Atlanta internet radio station Mr Tom Davis (aka Doctor Love) ‘The Atlanta horns’ was formed about a year ago. They along with several foreign cultural and musical troupes from almost every continent, ‘The Atlanta horns’ too, did participate in Eritrea’s silver jubilee celebrations, since the 17th while connecting with countless Eritrean music lovers.

Our first chat was with the band musicians.

  • How would you express your experience here in Eritrea as first time visitors?

We are enjoying it very well. We come from the same area in Atlanta and the very first new impression we had in common was the freedom that you have here; you walk freely… you can just go out and have fun. One more thing that made us feel welcome was the people and how nice and welcoming they are.

Although we have heard of Eritrea, coming here and see for ourselves was much different. in addition, to be the first African Americans to perform since the 1960s is a wonderful feeling.

  • Tell us please what independence means for you as Africans Americans?

It’s all about having an identity, meaning to be able to claim an identity. That is freedom.

Our history as African Americans goes back in time as regards to seeking freedom from oppression. Furthermore to see Eritrean people thus our fellow Africans with a life time of freedom, and becoming part of its celebrations is an untradeable experience. From where we live anything black owned has a certain way of looking.

To have known that and come here and see a place where people love each other and businesses being owned by nationals, indeed this is liberation at its finest, also because we don’t see much of the sort in Africa.

If Eritrea is only here at 25 years we can imagine it in being even more glorious at its 50th. We think anything worth having is worth fighting for and Eritreans should continue the round to maintain this peace they own, it’s a long path, just because you are here right now it doesn’t mean that you won’t face obstacles, it’s all about continuing to maintain this liberty and inspire hope in other people of the world to do so.

Overall the fact that made it a unique experience for us was being among ordinary people that live peacefully in a place with no ‘statuses’. We took so many pictures for our families back home to see.

The issue that every black African is oppressed all over the world racially made wonder when would it ever stop, until when we came Eritrea and witnessed that it is not even a mare issue!

Regardless of all the hardships Eritrea faces it respects its existence and that made it an honour for us to perform for you.

It’s about time the global population comes together and utilize the perfect example across the world!

What’s told of Eritrea on social media displays the wrong image. We will go back home and tell our people the true impressions of Eritrea.

  • Any last words……..

We wish the Eritrean people long lasting victory. keep embracing what you have and hand it down the billions around the world whom haven’t had the chance of enjoying the real meaning of independence.

  • Our dialog with the bands lead singer Mr Peter Peterson and Mr Tom Davis also looks like this.


  • About the celebrations

Mr Peter Peterson: It’s my first visit to Eritrea. It’s quite wonderful, I love it here and I have been enjoying myself very well, right now am I feel at home because of the warm hospitality of the locals, I am glad I came during the time of festivities as I am getting to know the cultures being displayed side to side Eritrea’s social context and traditions.

  • When was the first time you heard about Eritrea?

Our Eritrean friend Berhane back in the US owns an Eritrean community club called Peacock, it’s one of the oldest clubs in Atlanta and many famous African American singers like Marvin Gay, James Brown and others got their start in the 1960s. Mr. Berhane happens to be a good friend of Mr Tom Davis, that is practically how I got the chance to get to know about Eritrea. Additionaly I was aware of the fact that Eritreans had Radio Marina and Cagino Station coverage since the time of English occupation, back when there was American military base in Asmara.

  • Of independence

You get up in the morning and be are able to freely do what you want knowing the ones around you won’t do you ill is a feeling that I wouldn’t trade for anything. i respect that of you, I wish I could have the same.

  • Any last wishes for the Eritrean people?

I wish you a happy Independence Day, with a long lasting peace and harmony. And Hope to see your happiness grow every year and keep maintaining your unity far greater on your golden jubilee.

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