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  • ICES 2016: Eritrean Studies – the Way Forward

The International Conference on Eritrean Studies (ICES) has opened its doors today, July 20th 2016 at Asmara Palace Hotel for a three-day conference including over 450 participants and scholars from both abroad and Eritrea on various themes related to Eritrean studies.

The proposition to hold the ICES was initiated more than a year ago with the aim of ensuring sustainability of Eritrean studies, to establish new or strengthen existing networks with scholars and institutions of higher education, and to provide a forum for discussions of relevant national and regional issues.

From July to December 2015, more than 220 research paper proposals have been submitted to the organizing committee and after crucial examination, the scientific committee has selected 134 research papers from 27 countries including 38% from Eritrea. All abstracts have been compiled into a book of abstracts handled to all participants at the conference.

With about 35 subjects of studies covered, the ICES 2016 features plenary sessions, panels, parallel sessions and special sessions. The consecutive sessions promise to be dense and respond to the taste and interest of all participants. Various activities are also part of the program. These include exhibitions, tours, cultural shows and gala dinner. Scholars from renowned universities such as Stanford, Cambridge among others are taking part in the event as well as local scholars and young intellectuals interested in Eritrean studies. They will get the chance to exchange ideas, experiences and forge intellectual relations.

Organizing a conference within the country by inviting scholars from all around the world to discuss and share ideas, create academic networks and show Eritrea from within, aims primarily at reviving intellectual discussions on Eritrea.

A twitter account has been set up and live updates can be followed at: @eristudies or #ICES2016, for further information, please visit the official website, For any queries related to the press, please email us at:


PR & Documentation Committee

ICES 2016 Organizing Committee

Asmara, Eritrea

20th July 2016

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