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Embracing Football to Personality

Football is becoming a culture highly practicing and enjoying in our world. It is not only the players but the vast spectators eagerly wait and appreciate the 90 minute scene of the amazing skills and abilities of individual players and teams. The Eritrean Federation and Commission of Sport in connection with FIFA is making its arrangements to build football from scratch. Today, I present you a French national, FIFA consultant and the assistant to the Eritrean National Football Federation (ENFF), Mr. Yvon Avry.

  • -What precisely is on progress?

As a matter of fact we are running different projects but specifically on developing the level of Football in Eritrea from young ages, especially on grass root programs.

  • -The Project launched since…

The mission was running for the last month and looking to work for one more month. It has been discussed with the federation on how to develop the football and the coaching system, and improving the participation of female players in football.

  • -Coaching also?

Of course, it is one of our plans to enhance the level of coaching through coaching education to have qualified local coaches to help the football concept.

  • -The training focuses on….

Football is a mentality and a bit physicality which needs to be rehearsed from early age, just like education. So it is good to enhance young player’s ability and skills, side by side to the skills they are gifted naturally. We have given some references to the coaches and young players to develop some skills. Meanwhile the training mainly focuses on technical context of the players. The objective of the programs is according to the ages of the players. Overall it considerately stresses on dribbling, on good passes, heading and scoring good goals. But when and if the kids reach age of 12, more of physical content trainings are offered.

  • -Focus group?

Whole age group, particularly students form schools, community clubs in different sub zones. I think it is important to raise kids with football training at the ages of six or seven, as they start their school. Long as football is good for socialization of the player; it is also good for the world.

  • -Being part of football is an honor!

That is right!…

  • -How is the project at the present time with regard to resources?

Well! resources, it is a matter of time to associate funds to the different programs of the regions when it comes to financial resources. Besides we need to build the human resource as well, and we are doing that with the technical department of the federation to make it comprehensive throughout all the regions.

  • -Tell us the coverage of the project

We had seminars and a meeting with the National Federation and scheduled a plan of visit to all the respective region’s Federations before I leave the country.

  • -The prospect of the project…

We are trying not to make the project a “one shot project”, our viewpoints and expectations are wide enough to make the players more skillful and hence develop the football in the region and additionally to improve the local coaches. We want to have something for the future.

  • -Tell me more of the Coaching system program

The project is utilizing the CAF licensing program to develop the level coaching in the country. We have three levels in CAF, C for the youth, B and A for the elites. So we are developing the CAF coaching system, it is already implemented in the country, but we need to do more in developing the platform for that.

  • -The participating stakeholders in the program

We are collaborating with Ministry of Education and implementing special football programs with schools because football is also education, so we are trying on finding solutions to deepen the program.

  • -Your network with the National Federation and Commission of Sport

Right… the program is running on agreement with the Commission of Sport policy, on developing the level of football and we had some meetings on related issues. Overall we are on a same aims and same objectives.

  • -How is the youth towards football?

I see a lot of kid’s enthusiasm in football but the access to the fields is something that can be seen as a challenge. Because training session for 100 to 200 kids in just one field becomes hard sometimes to get the real and needed developments and advancements. There has to be organized activities to keep the kids playing in streets. Additionally I have seen the female participation which is rare and difficult in other regions, it should be well organized and more worked upon.

  • -What programs are held for future?

One of the main programs is to develop the access of fields, the infrastructure. Because, only when you have fields, you can organize more training sessions and you can have more progress of kids and players to form and shape them as footballers. I noticed some organizations and considerations for the youth and in the grass roots, which is good point. Concerned party needs to work on planning such projects accommodations for the future.

  • -You Recommend…

More opportunities for the kids to play: both boys and girls as it is going, and more access of field’s or pitch’s infrastructures, so such programs prosper and the kids advance.

  • -Thanks for your time Mr. Yuvon

Thanks for having me…

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