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What would you like to be when you grow up? This is a common probing question grownups ask children. Most of the time, it is because, people want to know the aspirations children have developed and how far their mind is able to keep pace with the rest of the world. After hearing their reply, you simply boost them so they can hopefully chase their dreams. Sometimes the children grasp your attention by some an unanticipated replies and they compel you to interview them more. “I would like to be a Pilot”, “an Engineer”, “a Teacher”, “a Writer”, “A Scientist”, “a President” are some of the replies I used to get when I ask some kids, but unlike them I wanted to be a Soccer player.

I am certain you would definitely say “Ya… Sure”, given how players are getting their week salaries these days. Unlike today’s smart children, who are familiar with IT and Science from their childhood, a wide range of responses to such questions is not that hard to imagine and expect.

People toil constantly in pursuit of a better living standard and the lives of others who live around them. That could be the main reason they initially begin their life with education and then somehow changing their mindsets and perspectives towards this ever changing planet we live in. Higher standards are what they seek but few manage to reach them, because there are factors that determine their respective success. It is not a fiction to advise that passion, effort, consistency, dedication and more are determinants that are required in fields that one plans to master, but all of these elements remain key parts of what one intends to accomplish personally and collectively.

Most of the time, people strive to contribute something or make a name for their homeland. Their career path is therefore paved in advance to let them walk enjoyably and with pride in later days. Muchet Yohannes Embaye, is an Eritrean young woman who has been striving on clearing her career path to a put herself and her community on a smooth track. Muchet was born and raised in Asmara and I suspect in her early ages she had various replies to the above mentioned question. At a young age she managed to be an IT engineer, a model, a fashion devotee, and a poet, among many others.

Muchet studied at the Italian School here in Asmara from Kindergarten all the way up to the completion of her 12th grade. During her High School years, she studied languages and literature, and has achieved fluency in French, Latin, Spanish and English. After completing her High School, she went to Sawa with the 18th Round to perform her National Service. She was then assigned to work at the Ministry of Tourism. Her desire to pursue a higher level of education never withered. Hence, in 2007, she went to Italy and then left for India where she joined the faculty of Science and Technology and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering and completed her Bachelors in Computer Application with Distinction in June 2012. Following that, she made her way to one of Australia’s highly ranked Universities: the Queens Land University of Technology, and completed her study in IT, specializing in Network Management.

Many people agree that culture should prevail at different circumstances as it determines the identity of people. Representing her country in any way possible was among the priorities she has always had in mind. Let alone country, representing a certain group of people or fans is an accomplishment which gives a boost to an individual’s self-esteem.

When an indispensable resource is discovered in a nation’s land, getting advantage of it is an opportunity wouldn’t want to miss. It drags them out until the last resort to serve its economy and sustain the livelihood of the population. As culture is crucially part of society, so many additives can decorate and spread it, so long it is not galvanized to destroy the original theme. Naturally, people are constantly in search of new things and try to put them through their ordinaries. The young generation through passion and education develop talents and hobbies in their career path.

Given that fashion is one of the most highly rated trends these days, Muchet has become a keen fashion admirer and follower as well as a model who intends to create real models. With over a decade of experience in the field, fashion has changed the life of the young woman and left her conscious of what it means to be a model. In line with her studies, she has been following the fashion trend and how it is exercised or propagated by individuals outside. She had to grasp how the trend is advancing in the Eritrean society, and proudly told us that we have come a long way in fashion and we are now showing signs of progress and a change of attitude in our country.

In the course of life people are the main factors that recognize other peoples’ talents and dreams. Basically, this young woman had no intention of being a top model and fashion admirer but thanks to her mother who assisted her side by side her studies. Part of fashion is modeling and part of modeling is the cat walk and dressing up. She adopted some of these skills and let others adopt in tutors. Fashion in the words of Muchet is uniqueness, creativity to be displayed in a way that doesn’t harm the culture that it represents.

We all believe traditions should be preserved and enhanced through time to meet the need of a people. All of the above mentioned experiences enabled the young woman to uniquely represent her country at various times and in different places, despite a little bit of concern because of people’s perception towards the field. Many may consider being a model something simple and irrelevant, nonetheless it has been proven many times, by individuals such as Muchet, that it is a career one choses like any other career paths.

Disseminating the local tradition abroad is the duty of every citizen abroad, as such, Muchet managed herself in doing so in various parts of the world and surprised people and inspired them to ask where she had bought her clothes and who did made her hair style, but her reply simply was, “this is Eritrea’s traditional outfit, so get to know it first”. One against many, hard to imagine, but this reflects culture’s beauty speaking for itself anywhere anytime.

Fashion and modeling is the easiest part and I want to work more in my country and within culture. Challenging times were when people think of you as someone who pretends to be someone else, with no mind at all. That is the hardest part as a model and a young woman yet to gain an experience. And I think anyone can prove it if they devote on working for themselves… being abroad and facing some prejudices from people is destructive, you couldn’t help it, but I strived to remain firmly strong and overcome all the challenges. People and especially women should be open minded and follow their instincts in order to have a real sense of success in life.

Eritrean culture has shaped Eritreans as hardworking and prone to work on their sweats day in day out, you find them participating here and there with enthusiasm and dedication. She has been in different spots of the world and has seen many things and claims that a women can be anything she wants to be. She also stated that fashion be given more credit than before in our country since the fashion industry has gained prestige in the world. People do limit themselves, models don’t, they can be one and many at the same time, to a certain degree it is like havng multi personality, she added.

So many are inclusive in the Eritrean culture with the potential and magnificence who can do more to their culture and country. The Eritrean culture is a Mesob (a pool) of multidisciplinary individuals who are potentially full of a capacity to be highly recognized members of the society. Entertaining yourself in various areas is a one way of creating opportunities for oneself and another way of showing your identity. As a result of her high grades this woman was able to participate in the Golden Key Society member, an International membership Society institution, where only high profile people are the members. Again, she participated in one of the G20s summit while doing her studying in Queens Land University of Technology. Later she got an internship to the London Stock Exchange market group, located in Italy’s Borcia de Milano. At present time she is in another internship in IT.

Lest we fail to mention, that effort should be put to use, young women such as Muchet represent a wide range of perspectives aimed at nation building and complemented by particular will to gain experiences for the prosperity of a community and country. This is the earthly power that motivates them.

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