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  • Hagaz sub-zone: Significant reduction in Malaria prevalence

Asmara, 26 August 2016 – The Head of health facilities in Hagaz sub-zone, Mr. Gebremeskel Gebrehiwet, said that comparing to last year, the prevalence of malaria has witnessed 89% reduction.

He explained that sustainable awareness-raising campaigns regarding the cause of malaria prevalence coupled with the spraying activities and the clearing of mosquito breeding spots have proved vital in efforts to cope with the problem.

The residents on their part expressed readiness to conduct weekly sanitation popular campaigns, reports added.

  • Number of pregnant women delivering in Golo health center on the rise

Asmara, 26 August 2016 – Mr. Abdella Abdulkadir, Head of Golo Health Center, indicated that the number of pregnant women delivering in the health center has registered 50% growth.

The beneficiary women expressed appreciation for the health care being rendered and noted that they will reinforce participation in the ongoing activities to promote health care services in the locality.

Golo Health Centre provides services to three Administrative areas, including Golo, Dogogolo and Teha-Nar’e around the town of Senafe.

  • Water and soil conservation campaign in Adi-Quala sub-zone

Asmara, 26 August 2016 – The inhabitants of the Administrative areas of Adi-Akelo, Mai-Lafo and Sememo, Adi-Quala Sub-zone, are conducting enhanced water and soil conservation campaigns.

The Head of economic development in the sub-zone, Mr. Berhane Woldeselasie, said that the popular campaign includes renovation of the water diversion scheme beneath

Sememo Dam that was damaged due to flooding, in addition to the construction of terraces.

Heavy rainfall in Adi-Quala sub-zone has caused damage to infrastructure, roads, residential buildings and agricultural fields, reports indicated.  

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