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The Minds Behind “Smart Heavy Duty Machine”

The massive transformation and advancement of the world we are living today is the fact that days are literally being made by countless moments of inspirations of different people. On today’s Q&A, one of the many young Eritrean talents and innovators, Eng. Abel Mehari, will be our guest. His ingenuity and fondness towards computer technology is very inspiring.

Tell us a bit about yourself


I was born and raised in Asmara in 1989. Went to Finland Mission Elementary and Junior School and did my high school at Medhanie Alem Cathedral Secondary school. Afterwards, I joined the 20th round in Sawa and got a 3.2 GPA from my High School leaving examinations, enough to make me join the Eritrean Institute of Technology in Mai-Nefhi. Finally I graduated in 2016, majoring in Computer Engineering with Great Distinction and an Honorary Degree.

What special techniques do you use when studying?

I have always had fixed schedules for studying since I was at my elementary level. Besides, I always loved experimenting the theories I learned in class, especially when I was in high school, I used to be so passionate about physics. So at home I just had to experiment all of the formulas I learned in class at all costs. There were crazy days in which I went home to work on electromagnetism while referring different books!

Of Computers

It all started when I was in high school. For reasons I cannot explain, I started to be hugely interested in computer software and hardware. It is amazing how when we talk about operating a hardware we centralize soft power.

Works during college

Yes! During my 4th year I was able to participate in a mini-project where I prepared a software on online sales and management system. The developed software was aimed at helping different institutes in advertising products through the use of a website.

Did you do it by yourself?

Mainly yeah; I did it on my own. In the department of Computer Engineering, we are always given assignments whereby we are required to develop soft projects, and that one too was part of those assignments.

When I realized that my project attracted attention even outside of the class, I decided to present it at the Inter College Festival, and it gave me pleasure how my work was being appreciated by the participants and attendants of the festival.

What exactly inspired you to come up with the software?

We are still using the traditional way of marketing until now. But this software would allow to upgrade our local market through official websites.

How do you upgrade your knowledge?

I usually base my knowledge on different programming books such as PHP, JQUERY, this means: ‘a lot of reading’.

This year’s Youth Festival

We presented a project prepared for the senior year. We called it “Smart heavy duty machine”. It compiles both hardware and software to remotely monitor heavy machinery using mobile phones or laptops. One of the few purposes of this innovation is safety in machineries operated in dangerous sites.
When our “Smart heavy machinery” was finally over, we easily operated it and demonstrated it on the fields; agriculture, mining, construction. We believed that creating something must bring some changes to a community.

There were challenges of course. In the process of preparing the electrical hardware we faced many flare ups and since the project is costly it wasn’t to our favor but luckily we were ready to face challenges of all sorts.

And how does it work?

The operator simply controls the machine from distance without being exposed to any risks. It is helpful as it can be used for mining, agriculture, construction and army purposes.

Will it be on sale anytime soon?

Why not. I mean, we believe that we have completed 80% of the project so far and what we have worked on is operational even with the 20% more remaining. There is still work to be done if we can get the materials needed and the budget required, we will be able to put it on use.

Future plans

As this is part of robotics, I would like to gain more knowledge on this branch of technology and I want to do more on robot cars.

Final words

I would like to remind interested personnel and government institutions to provide necessary guidance and support in order to encourage young innovators. I would also like to express my gratitude to my dear parents who helped me get this far, my teachers, colleagues and mostly to my teammates and Eri-Equip and all the people who helped me in my endeavors.

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