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Contribution for Educational Excellence

On October 29, the Institute of Training, Education and Research/Consultancy (SMAP) received a donation of 410 professional books from Dr. Mengisteab Tesfayohannes, an Eritrean scholar residing in the United States. Dr. Mengisteab made the donation in memory of his son, Yohannes Mengisteab, who passed away on 9 October, 2015 at the age of 22. Yohannes was the author of a research paper “Recreating the Tiger: Replicating the Economic Success of Singapore in Eritrea” as part of the requirements for college graduation.

The books donated by Dr. Mengisteab include professional books on Accounting, Management, ICT, Finance, Engineering and others. The books are expected to significantly contribute in the teaching and learning process of SMAP and help students excel in their academic performance.

Indeed, the availability of books in the teaching and learning process is essential, as is their contribution in ensuring the continuity of education. Teachers refer books to expand their knowledge and prepare themselves to feed their students the proper education, while students benefit from the books enhance their proficiency in any given subject.

Academicians believe that instructors of higher education are expected to provide their students with basic information about the subject they are learning. Hence, it is up to the students to expand and enlarge their knowledge and scope of the subject through research and reading. Accordingly, the preferable place for them to boost their knowledge is the library.

The existence of libraries ensures that knowledge and technology are equally available to everyone. They help raise the education level of the whole society. Libraries are economically efficient for they allow many students and readers with few resources.

Many also believe that libraries are the storehouses of knowledge in which students could find books on various subjects and exhibit positive impact on the academic achievements of students, scholars and researchers.

SMAP has already well equipped libraries in the two campuses. There are also other libraries in Asmara providing services to students and readers of different levels. The libraries are doing their level best to satisfy their customers. However, shortage of latest books in many libraries, such as the Municipality library, community libraries in various corners and school libraries is visible.

Hence, the participation of the public, particularly those who have the opportunity to obtain books, is very essential in enriching the libraries and make significant difference in the domain of education in the country.

Enriching libraries with professional and non-professional books is not to be left only to the government. In that case, we should not complain of the lack of readership among the young generation. The young need to have books of their interest available for them to develop the culture of reading. And that will upgrade the responsibility of all citizens especial those who have access to books and who can contribute their part in the development of education in the country.

Through books, knowledge is accumulated and with the knowledge acquired, the realization of the national development programs could be guaranteed. The widely accepted concept is that education is the basis for development of a given country. Hence, the participation of different players in expanding and enriching libraries is essential in the development of a country. The contribution of Dr. Mengisteab is, hence, exemplary and motivational for other able citizens to follow his footsteps.

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