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Cave Arts

The list of caves with prehistoric paintings in Eritrea exceeds more than 70, and, undoubtedly, some of them contain truly outstanding examples of art chronicles and are triumphing assets of Eritreans. Even though the true meaning of such drawings is not easily understood by ordinary people, they testify reflections of ancient and prehistoric settlements of early humans. In addition to the cave paintings in central and north western Eritrea that were discovered by Italian colonialists (and depicts hunter gatherers from the Epipaleolithic era in the region), the Caves of Gama in Loggo Sarda are also worth for their petroglyphs – paintings and etchings and proudly, the cave outshines with bovines, humans, geometric symbols in a stylized form and, of course, idiomatic symbols which probably could be letters.

The Hulum Bareto from the Gash Berka is also enriched with old paintings and embraces geometric representations, faded but figurative humans and animal representations and other lists.

In fact, pacing to the caves let one visitor to notify the probability of incessant attempts to repaint the symbols. Experts, however, attest the representations in the cave have deep probabilities with ritual phenomenon.

The explorations and attractions of cave arts in Eritrea are not limited to certain kinds of variety and elucidations. Horse riders, human figures and geometric arrays of Mai Dubburo of Deghien from Gash Barka still engulf us to another range of amusement in the cycle of human dignity to leave such legacies.

Therefore, some 40 meters deep paintings of this cave have another extra contribution in excelling the parcels of the country in unfolding ancient art-related streams. In addition to the paintings in red and maroon colors, the cave from Mai Dubburo had also several vessels which need professional researches and expertise thereby to epitomize their inheritance.

Not far from the Gash Barka region, the treasures of cave arts in Temalihe opens an insight to 45 figurines of warriors while another similar panel has also 35 bovines and is sized 9m wide. As additional deadlocking factor, however, the inscriptions in the cave have yet remained indecipherable and are impasse for the coming archeologists and historians.

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