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Cultural diversity for Ceramics

  • Talents and passions, remain dreams when not pursued, at least so thinks Nasser. Which is why he invested his energy in realizing his dreams. Our guest for today is of many qualities; an artist, a sports man and a philanthropist. We enjoyed hearing all about the experiences Nasser’s accumulated despite his young age, our talk was fascinating, so much so, we thought we’d share it with you. Here is Nasser Abdelwasie.
  • – Tell us something about your childhood?

I had a very typical childhood as any Eritrean kid. But I remember that I was very interested in making things from pretty much anything. Besides, my unexplained keenness in art I was in love with sport for as long as I can remember, I used to be very good at soccer.

  • -Any idea where your interest came from?

Honestly speaking, I don’t know. I mean I just happened to forward my imagination to something substantial. I think I was born with it, it’s a gift. Even for sports, it is something that I love dearly but I seriously don’t know who inspired me to be a sportsman. I would say that probably it’s my neighborhood’s influence. The kids in the area I grew up with loved sports.

I eventually grew up to become a soccer player, just like my father.

  • -Soccer Player…

I started when I was a young boy. I have played in different administrations and schools, I was also a member of several soccer teams such as Haben and Tesfa. In 2002 I went to play to Kenya with the National Team of under 17. It was a great experience. Also in 2010 I had the opportunity to play at CECAFA but unfortunately I was injured and I couldn’t play. At the moment I am playing with team City Center. But the thing I love to do most is volunteering in coaching kids with disabilities.

  • -Oh, please tell us about it.

Okay. I believe it’s only right to extend support, love and care to kids with disabilities; I train hearing impaired, children with autism and down syndrome. If we show them that there is no disability that can get in their way of life, then they can be successful while engaging themselves in different activities since young age. I am sure that they can be successful in life!

  • – Artist

Let me tell you a story; I didn’t take any course to reinforce my art abilities, as I told you I only had passion for it. So one time when I was in Sawa, I was walking and happened to see a stick on the ground… an ordinary one. I picked it up and took my time to turn it in to a hand sculpture.

When later my friends and instructors saw it they were amazed and gave me great support. And that for me was a turning point, sort of my artistic break. And ever since I have been massively engaged in sculpturing various sculptures of my own.

By the time I came back from Sawa I took courses in ceramics art. The course was as deep as an ocean. But by the time I get back from Sawa I had the chance to get a course in ceramics art. I wanted to join the course because it had to do with sculptures as well. But it was much deeper and interesting that I am still active in the ceramics art field. Somehow I was drown to it. By the time I finished my first course, I was asked to become an assistant of the teacher. Since then I have been teaching there for almost six to seven years now. It is a great opportunity to teach and learn there. You get to discuss ideas and imaginations.

  • – How many students so far? And the benefit of being a teacher?

I can’t say a definite number, but I would say around 200 students. And to tell you honestly, being a teacher gives a greater responsibility. It is a hard task but, since I really enjoy the field, teaching has made me a better artist. I get to share my ideas and get new ideas from my students. I really do enjoy teaching.

  • – Where do you get most of your ideas?

My environment, from dialogs. Basically from my daily life activities. I want to create my own style. I want my works rely on my original ideas, my own. I don’t care if another person would come up with the same idea as mine, as long as I had come up with it first. So my works are my original thoughts and imaginations.

  • – So which style do you follow?

I reflect cultural themes but my imagination pushes me to include modern techniques. I feel like traditionally we possess unique ceramics that we use daily, so if we incorporate artistic touches to our daily items that would be super interesting.

The ceramic arts in the world has advanced greatly, and for us to catch up, the only way would be to use the cultural diversity we’re blessed with.

  • – Have you ever staged any of your works?

Not so much of an exhibitionist. But, yes I have had exhibitions twice in Expo festival where I had great response from audience. I was motivated to do more. Hopefully I will definitely do one in the coming years.

  • – Do you think you have achieved your dream?

I am just starting to. My original dream was to study architecture and I guess I still want to do it.

  • -We wish you the best of luck then. Any last words…

Thank you! first and for most iwant to thank God, and also if I may I want to thank Mrs Nigisti, Mrs. Freweini and the family of Mr. Tewelde Kelati for all their support. My success is literally an outcome of many supports and encouragements.
And a big thanks to all of you at the Eritrean Profile.

  • -The pleasure is all ours!


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