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“More stories about our culture please!”

A good news for our fellow Eritrean men. She’s here!!! Today Q&A has a compiled interview with an ‘Asmarina’ actress you Eritrean men wouldn’t stop giggling at every time you see her walk down town. That’s right, many of you would agree she has a radiating smile. Many of those in the film business would agree she’s the most talented, and I agree she is the wittiest.
With posters and flyers of feature films and telenovelas depicting her pictures out on the street multiple times a year, and a bliss of a new family of her own that recently welcomed a first born baby boy, Saron Bereket, at the age of 30, continues to be the Eritrean Sweetheart.


We really should thank the first producer that hired you and made your talents public. Take us back to your debut film please.

I totally agree! I was an eighth grader when I got offered a part in a melodrama movie about high school and the life of high school students entitled ‘Scomessa’ (The Bet). I took on the lead character.

How did you become an actress?

I didn’t even know I had it in me. Even though I am now a professional actress, acting is something that took time to take over me. I didn’t know I had the talents for it. In fact when I first started acting I started getting many offers from film producers and I would get shocked every time. I couldn’t understand why they would even want me… so for a long period at my prime time I was confused and unsure about my performances.

Luckily, though, my father helped me get out of my own fears. I was scared of almost everything on set; I was scared of the cameras, the lights and the people there. Sometimes I would just suddenly refuse to standing for action!

As a matter of fact, when I was first asked to act in ‘Scomessa’ (The Bet) and I refused, the producer went to my father and begged him to convince me. Therefore, my dad managed my very first job with my role in ‘Scomessa’ (The Bet); he encouraged me to not be shy and let myself entrusted in the hands of art.
And to this day he still is the motivation behind my works; thank you daddy!

Scared or not, though, in a span of little more than 10 years, you took part in 70 feature films.

And four TV series. I owe it to the fans who have always been supportive and faithful. I am grateful for the fact that the public has not grown tired of me.

Any secret ingredients?

No, not at all. I guess I am good at memorizing my parts. In a matter of three days maximum, I can have my part well covered. I am not the type to travel and assess people’s attitude.

It is conventional for actors to travel and be out and about to study and get hints of people’s mindsets, stances, outlooks and traditions so that later on they’d adopt them in the characters they build. But my case is different. I am not the one to look deeply at how people do I’d rather put myself in character’s shoes. I completely absorb the story and try to feel my character. It is a deliberate act of my professionalism I build my characters fully based on my own considerations I guess this is why it has been easy all along for me to portray my characters as natural and as real as possible. This specific notion gives me the opportunity to portray unfeigned characters who the public sympathizes with easily.

Out of the movies you worked in, which one is your favorite?

‘Roxora’ that is the title of the one I like the most. The title is actually the name of the traditional scarf Bilen women wear. The movie had a lot of efforts and time invested in it and most parts of it were set in ElaBered.

It will be aired soon and it is about a doomed girl I don’t want to spoil it for you by telling you more, but I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working in it.

TV series

I have participated in four TV series so far. My first was in 2007 soon after my debut I remember it was both horrifying and glorifying. Many of the actors were well known and famous, actors I had seen only on TV. So working with them thrilled me but it also scared me as I felt so little in front of them. I took on a role of a very young mother, and even though I was happy with my role, the presence of colleagues whom I dearly respect made me want to throw the towel in several times throughout the production… well, at least until towards the end of the production.

Speaking of motherhood, you now are a mother!

I am! Thrills me every time! I never had a proper time to share the good news with my fans and the public. But yes, my husband and I recently welcomed our first baby boy.

Can you share with us something of your family?

My husband and I dated for a long time before we got married in 2011. My husband Samuel is a sportsman, and he helps me a lot. He wants me to work as much as I want because he knows how much I love my job. He really respects it. His encouragement has become so addictive now wouldn’t be able to express how grateful I really am.
Now with the arrival of our baby and my busy schedule, we have my mother helping us raise our baby.

Does your husband get jealous when you take on love roles?

I recently was a guest at a program with Radio Numa and there they asked the same question. The host had my husband on the phone and asked him if he ever felt jealous. He said yes. So I guess he does feel a little jealous, just a little bit though. However, work is work, so it’s okay.

After all of these years acting, do you ever think of authoring or directing?

Yes, I think I have accumulated enough experience to try out writing or directing. I have been thinking about it a lot nowadays, I wish my dream to come true.

What do you think about our county’s films and their making?

It’s okay. But personally I would like to see more stories that somehow incorporate the rich traditional diversity we have. Henceforth, I supplicate movie makers and producers to pay a close attention to our cultural richness. And one more thing, I think there should be more attention to TV series because our public has great taste for telenovelas.

Anything you want to say at the end?

Many thanks to my family and friends for their endless support, and heartfelt gratitude to my fans and the general public for the constant love and trust you have shown me. Tons of love to my fellow Eritreans!

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