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40th anniversary of Nakfa’s Liberation

The 40th anniversary of the liberation of Nakfa was commemorated on 25th March.

Asmara, 27 March 2017- The 40th anniversary of the liberation of Nakfa was commemorated on 25th March.

Various programs that reflect the culture and livelihood of the Eritrean people, carnival shows of various institutions, cultural and sports activities, planting of tree seedlings in the patriots’ cemetery among other added color to the event.

Pointing out that the liberation of Nakfa holds a special place in the history of the struggle for independence, Mr. Idris Ali Sheker, administrator of Nakfa sub-zone, said that once liberated Nakfa had never been retaken by the enemy and  thus it became an icon of  resilience and determination of the Eritrean people and that of the freedom fighters.

Mr. Idris further noted that once the war ravaged Nakfa has now become a perfect example of the achievements registered in the nation building process in the post independence period.

At the event , an association of x-freedom fighters known as Gemahir, staged a colorful exhibition that reflect the livelihood of the residents of the area, people’s role during the struggle for independence and  various social services that were rendered in the liberated areas.

Various programs that depict the relics of the struggle for independence, briefings and pictorial exhibition reflecting the activities of EPLF’s armed units  of the then Nakfa front were also showcased in the event.

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