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  • -Leaving all behind and moving towards development is the ultimate goal of Eritrean people. The theme of 26th anniversary of independence, as a matter of fact, is “LAYING PILLARS FOR VIBRANT GROWTH.” Apart from standing against external aggressions and conspiracies, the Eritrean people is still fighting for economic growth and political stability.
  • For this reason Eritrea celebrates May 24 in a magnificent way. This year’s 26th anniversary official ceremony was held in the Stadium of Asmara in the presence of diversified guests, tourists and nationals. They all have different impressions and comments, which we’ll share in today’s Q&A.



  • -I noticed how a group of elderly women were joyfully dancing in the ever epic circle of the Eritrean community. They had vibrant smiles and they were beating their chest as they moved to the beat; it is a sign of expressing joy and happiness. One of them was Ms. Liya Gebremeskel, mother of a martyr. This
    Ms. Liya Gebremeskel
    is the meaning of Independence Day in her words.

Independence Day means a lot. It must have meant more to my son, he fell for it. I celebrate with my soul because I take this day as a day in which my son’s dream came true. My son and his compatriots fought up to death so we can walk proudly with our heads up high. You see us laughing and dancing together without worrying what the colonizers will do to us. I can simply define Independence Day as the day in which we saw the brightest light ever. The brightest light our children gave us at the cost of their lives.

  • Dr. Eden Tareke
    -Dr. Eden Tareke, from Sweden and now lives in Eritrea with her daughter to celebrate the 26th Independence anniversary.

Yesterday, I was standing in front of the Ministry of Education building and I saw people walking around peacefully. I have ugly memories of that place. I was born and raised around that place. I remember how cans tied in ropes would make an alerting sound if anyone passed by. Ethiopian soldiers would just kill and incarcerate anyone that passes through. The sound was just so irritating, it disturbed my nights. As a kid I grew up terrified, frightened to pass through that place. But now when I see people passing through laughing, chatting and dancing comfortably it literally shows me the value of independence. And no place is like home, living outside of your country is not as comfortable as living in your own country. Your country is your dignity. I feel happy to see people living freely and comfortably after countless of sacrifices that have been paid. I am so glad that the struggles and the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters did not go in vain. Which is why it’s worthy to rejoice on our independence day.

  • -Dr. Keypi Jeyante, Assistant professor of computer science at the Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT)
    Dr. Keypi Jeyante

I want to wish a happy Independence Day for the Eritrean people. It has been a long way for your independence, a long struggle. I can imagine it naturally means a lot to the Eritrean people. I have lived in Eritrea for about a year. It is a peaceful country. The people are cooperative and extremely welcoming. In fact whenever I need anything as a guest in this country I don’t have any trouble. And I can see where people of Eritrea got this behavior from, it is from the struggle in which you had to come together with unity. I can see that you are devoted to make Eritrea beautiful and comfortable as much as possible. I am participating in this special day for the first time and I am honored. I found the Independence Day’s celebration to be memorable in all aspects and activities. People are happy and enjoying the day with a great spirit. It pleases me to see such love and joy. Such a bright and beautiful day!

  • Mr. Jakob Van De Weil
    -Jakob Van De Weil, Australia

We are a group of tourists. We are here for eight days and we are visiting Asmara, Massawa, Keren and also we will be doing scuba diving in one of the islands. I have been travelling throughout the world for the last 20 years and Eritrea was one of the top destinations. I wanted to come for so long. I have visited about 100 countries so far. Main reason I decided to come to Eritrea is because of the influence of my Eritrean friends in Australia.

I was also interested in visiting as I am half Italian and my great-grandfather used to live here. He was a doctor in Asmara and he was buried here at the Italian cemetery so my visit has also a personal meaning to it.

So far, I have been here for four days. The celebrations on the eve was wild, the kids dancing on the streets, the carnival, the week before… It was well organized; beautiful representation and coordination. I am really enjoying it.

I would highly recommend people to come and visit Eritrea. For those photograph lovers, Asmara and its architecture is just impressive; the landscape is just astonishing. On top of that the people are beautiful, friendly, great hospitality and it is just very safe and a rich culture. Oh, and the food is just amazing. I would definitely recommend anyone to come and visit Eritrea! Happy Independence Day Eritrea!

  • -Mr. Mohammed Brhan Ata. A proud citizen of Asmara.

Independence explains our identity. We are who we are because we became Independent. Hence, Independence for us has a heavy meaning, a paramount essence that we cannot compare with anything as we didn’t get it easily. Nobody has handed it us for free. Our freedom’s cost is the blood of our brothers and sisters. Every Eritrean celebrates it with great responsibility. Eritrea has people who strongly preserve their national unity no matter what. I have visited so many countries but I have never seen people who prioritize nation over and above anything as much as we do. The colonizers have tried a lot to divide the people. They tried religion and ethnicity as tools of segregation. But it was impossible to accomplish as the Eritrean people are strong, cooperative and respectful of their diversities. I have a strong belief that by keeping our unity we can reach our ultimate goal of development and provide more to our young generation.

  • Mr. Robel Teklay

    Mr. Robel Teklay who works at NUEYS in Eritrea

This year’s Independence Day is different. The celebrations were arranged in a very interesting way: short and interesting. I can see everybody is enjoying it. We all are. And a great deal of attention has been invested to make the programs interesting. After all, it is worth it. Also the reason why, we the youngsters, normally pay great attention in contributing toward the celebrations. Every anniversary has to be remarkable.

That should be the minimal of our duty. Independence is an inspiration to our lives; at least remembering how much worth our freedom is will remind us to work hard and ensure a peaceful country.

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