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Eritrean nationals abroad hold diplomatic activities

Eritrean nationals in Angola, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Italy have conducted public diplomacy activities.

Asmara, 08 June 2017- Eritrean nationals in Angola, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Italy have conducted public diplomacy activities.

The Eritrean Ambassador to South Africa and the Southern African countries, Mr. Saleh Omar conducted seminar for Eritrean nationals residing in Lubango and its environs, Angola, gave briefing on the objective situation in the homeland.

At the seminar conducted under the theme “Resilience for Integrated and Lasting Development”, Ambassador Saleh noted that the external conspiracies against Eritrean sovereignty to derail the development programs have been foiled through the resilience of the Eritrean people. He also urged the nationals to strengthen organization for the success of their diplomatic activities.

The participants on their part called for sustainability of such seminars and elected executive committee.

In the same vein, at the seminar the Eritrean nationals conducted in Copenhagen, Denmark, Oslo, Norway and in Gutenberg, Sweden, expressed resolve to augment participation in the national development programs.

Likewise, at the seminar the nationals residing in the Swedish cities of Arboga, Fagersta, Vasteras, Flen, Lund, Orebru, conducted in Eskilstuna expressed that they will strengthen organizational capacity and promote the national interest.

Mr. Yonas Manna, Charge d’Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy in the Scandinavian countries, underlined that putting country first is the trademark of the Eritrean people and that every citizen has national obligation to contribute in the national development endeavors.

The head of the Public and Community Affairs, Mr. Sirak Bahlibi on his part gave briefing as regards the significance of organization and commended the initiative the nationals are undertaking.

The Eritrean nationals residing in Nuremburg, Germany, also conducted seminar aimed at strengthening organizational capacity and underpin contribution in the national development programs.

At the seminar the members of the Bologna branch of the National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) conducted they elected executive committee for two years term.

Ms. Negisti Tsegai, head of the union in Europe gave extensive briefing on the importance of strengthening organization and integrated effort in the national development drives.

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