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Sustainable support for families of Martyrs

Eritreans residing in Jeddah- Saudi Arabia, Uganda and Germany have reiterated readiness to sustainably support the families of martyrs.

Asmara, 21 June 2017- Eritreans residing in Jeddah- Saudi Arabia, Uganda and Germany have reiterated readiness to sustainably support the families of martyrs. They expressed the resolve in the event they held on 20 June in commemoration with Martyrs’ Day.

In a speech he delivered at the commemorative event of Martyrs day held in Jeddah, Mr. Abdurahman Osman, Council of Eritrea, said that Martyrs Day is a dignified event where all Eritreans pay tribute to their fallen heroes and where they renew their pledge to stand against all conspiracies intended to sabotage the national integrity.

According to report, the Eritrean communities in Saudi Arabia indicate there have since 2005 been taking responsibility to assist the families of martyrs. Thus, benevolent nationals have taken an initiative to assist from one to 40 families at individual level.

The report further highlighted that a total of 694 nationals have taken the responsibility of assisting 1234 families while PFDJ and NUEW branches have also been playing due role towards the success of the program.

Similarly, Eritrean communities in Uganda have on 18 June commemorated Martyrs Day with candle vigil.

Present at the event, Mr. Mohammed Suleiman, Ambassador of Eritrea to Uganda, said that Martyrs Day is a special day in which all national renew their commitment to support families of martyrs and strengthen participation in the national development programs.

Meanwhile, Eritrean communities residing in various Cities of Germany have held candle vigil on 20 June and affirmed readiness to live up to martyrs’ trust.

In similar news the residents of Keren, Asmara and Ghindae as well as the Association of Taxi drivers in the Central region extended financial support to families of Martyrs.

The resident of Sembel sub-zone, Asmara, extended financial assistance to the children of martyrs who are making preparation to leave for Sawa to attend their 12 grade education, while the residents of Waliku administrative area in Keren extended a total of 24,300 Nakfa in support of the families of the fallen heroes.

The Residents of Ghinda’e sub-zone on their part extended financial support to 150 families of martyrs, according to report from the area.

Mr. Mengis Ghilamichael, Chairperson of the Association of Taxi Drivers in the Central region, said that the association has taken a responsibility to assist 30 families of martyrs and called on other national associations to pursue such a noble initiative.

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