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  • Skill Upgrading for Health Professionals
  • Bidho Association Holds5th Congress


  • Skill Upgrading for Health Professionals

Asmara, 1 July 2017 – The Health Ministry’s branch in Gash-Barka region has conducted a month long training at Barentu Referral Hospital to staff members to upgrade their skills.

The training program provided to healthcare professionals in different healthcare institutions in Gash-Barka region mainly focused on the prevention of communicable diseases in general and controlling HIV/ AIDS in particular.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Dr. Leul Banteyirga, Director of the Helath Ministry’s branch in the region, said that the training focused on enhancing counseling skills of healthcare professionals.

Likewise, Sister Nigsti Tesfamichael, Coordinator of HIV/AIDS control program at the Ministry, said that endeavors to control the prevalence ofHIV/AIDS and prevent new infections have been underway.

  • Bidho Association Holds5th Congress

Asmara, 1 July 2017 – Bidho National Association of citizens living with HIV/AIDS held its 5th Congress on 29 June at the assembly hall in Orotta Referral Hospital.

Speaking at the congress, Ms. Amina Nurhussien, Minister of Health, explained that substantial investment and relentless effort are being exerted to provide efficient healthcare service.

She also indicated that concerted effort has been made to provide consultation and testing services for HIV/AIDS patients and the provision of anti-retroviral medicine so as to boost the immune system of individuals living with HIV.

Expressing appreciation for the active role the general public is playing in the reduction of HIV/AIDS, Mr. Ghebrehiwet Ghirmai, Chairperson of the Association, presented report regarding the training programs organized in a bid to improve the living standard members.

Bidho is a national association established in 2002 and is currently playing due role in the reduction of HIV/AIDS in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

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