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Asmara College of Health Sciences graduated 565 students at its 9th commencement on July 02, 2017 at the University of Asmara. Out of the total number of graduates, 286 earned bachelor’s degrees and 279 diplomas from the School of Allied Health professions (SAHP), School of Nursing (SoN), School of Pharmacy and School of Public Health. Of the total figures 45% are females. Since its first commencement in 1999, the college has graduated 3145 students.

In her opening address, Dr. Ghidey Ghebreyohannes, dean of the college, underlined that the contribution of the college to the provision and improvement of health care services in Eritrea has been significant and will continue to do so. These graduates will be additional workforce in enhancing the quality of health provision to the nation.

The college was established in 1995 as one of the faculties at the University of Asmara with the mission to produce competent health professionals and scholars, who are equipped with the requisite knowledge, professional skills, attitudes, and ethical principles to address and respond to the national healthcare needs.

The college started its operations with one nursing degree and two diploma technician programs (MLT& Pharmacy) in 1995. At present the college has four schools and two service providing departments. They are running a total of 20 programs. Since 2005, the college has been an autonomous Institution of Higher Education.

Dr. Ghidey said that the college gets support from national and international organizations and individuals in achieving great success. The government covers the total running cost of the college and the MoH gives full support in which the management team at all levels and staff working in all health facilities for creating a smooth work and learning environment and teaching students. Dr.Ghidey thanked, Fred Hallows Foundation in Australia for supporting the ophthalmic nursing program and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Eritrea country office for supporting Midwifery and Anesthesia programs, the ERA Germany for supporting Anesthesia education in Eritrea, the National Commission for Higher education (NCHE) for the continuous cooperation in all activities of the college, Segen construction Company for the rehabilitation of the college’s sewerage system and Arag Wood and Metal Works for renovating laboratory.

Dr.Ghidey congratulated the graduates for the fruits of their 16 to 17 years of hard work. And she recommended to the graduates that the college has done its utmost to equip them with the requisite knowledge and skills to steer them through the obstacles that lie ahead; the rest is in their hands. She reminded them to exert all efforts towards providing professional health services with enthusiasm and commitment as responsible citizens. Awards were given to outstanding graduates.

In speech as a representative of graduates, Biniam Debesay, said that they have taken the requisite knowledge and skills to be dedicated in providing professional health services to the people. Giving such services requires responsibility, hard work and discipline. He added that the journey towards improving their knowledge and profession is ahead of them and promised to, serve the nation and apply the knowledge.

Minister of health Ms. Amina Nurhussein also congratulated the graduates on behalf of the Eritrean government. In her speech she stated that the Eritrean government has been working hard to meet the needs of the society. One of these needs is securing improved health services for the community, and to achieve this ultimate goal, the government is focusing mainly on improving the capacity of its citizens by providing them educational opportunities. As a result, the number of graduates in this health sciences has been increasing. The minister recommended to the graduates that they have huge part to play in achieving the ultimate goal of the government which is providing sufficient health services to the community. She advised them to work hard in improving their knowledge and skills.

Mr. Habte Gebreamlak, whose daughter was graduating, said that he was happy to see the fruit of his daughter’s labor as well as to see her having a bright future. He added that parents have responsibility to shape their children to be productive citizens in their community. Mr. Habte suggested to the graduates that even if this is the end of their study it’s the beginning of a journey to better themselves academically as well as professionally and fulfill their duty.

Education does not have time boundaries, it is a life time engagement. Finishing school is the end of one chapter and the starting point of another new chapter. A chapter to gain new experience and to improve knowledge.


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