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Celebrating Our 2017 Graduates

Some 30.000 students graduated this year from Eritrean institutions of higher education. Yet, another testimony to how the Government and People of Eritrea strive in providing equal and wide access to education for young students. Also, a discernible proof of how the students appreciate the opportunity and strive to do their best.  Our message of congratulations goes out to the graduates of 2017 and the people of Eritrea. Here are statements from some graduates of EIT and young department heads.


  • -FILMON OKBAMICHAEL, Physics Teaching

I was born and raised in a village in the Southern Region. I grew up to an agrarian life; however, I have dreamt of being an educated member of the society since a young age. Which is why I studied hard from the beginning. Luckily, education is available for everybody who wants to study. Schools and colleges are not concentered in the main cities of the country. Therefore, anybody can join. I guess we are really lucky to be part of a people that sacrifices a lot to grant education to every national.

I studied Physics Teaching because I want to give back to my society by teaching Physics, my favorite field of study and one of the most essential for technological and scientific advancements. I am extremely happy to have come all the way to eventually finish a chapter of my life with great success. Of course, I do want to continue my studies, but for now all I want to express is my gratitude for my people. Thank you for making education possible!


It was definitely the most exciting two years of my life! I graduated with a MSC in IT and I am feeling over the moon! The importance of education is great not only at an individual level but also at national level. What our country needs the most is tons of educated people who are capable of accelerating the national development drive. And it gives me the greatest pleasure to see thousands of students graduating every year.

I honestly believe this country and people rightfully deserve to rejoice in the success of young students. There seriously is no other community that supports each other as much as ours. I mean look at me, I am plainly the product of my society. Several people supported me in overcoming my disability and achieve my desire. Starting from my wheelchair to everything else I would possibly ever need; it is all the generosity and concern of friends, family and my community.

I want to especially dedicate this glory to my father. He passed away last year. I think of him constantly in gratitude, recalling how big of a role he played in making me the educated and confident woman I am today. He kept telling me that, given my disability, my only way out in life is education. So he carried me and he pushed my wheel to school tirelessly until the end. Thank you father!

  • -SAMUEL ISAAC Department Head Electrical and Electronics Engineering

I am overly thrilled to see yet another year of merriments to our deserving young students. The passion and dedication our students have is beyond explainable.  They are keen to their studies and always trying to experiment new things. They aspire to actually have a hand in nowadays technological advancements our world is evolving on. In few words I am proud of Eritrean students; and especially, of the graduates of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I wish for them to achieve their dreams and be influential personals not only in our country’s advancements but also at regional, continental and global levels. They honestly make me proud.

EIT has laid out plans to assist the keenness of our students; similarly our department will be able to hosting the visions of many Electrical and Electronics engineering Students in the coming academic year. Congratulations to the graduates of 2017 in every college nationwide and also the people of Eritrea.

  • -ISAYAS KIFLE, MA in Financial Management.

I feel great to be part of EIT’s 10th commencement. It is truly a glory to the people of Eritrea. We have had shortages of MA programs. However, now here we are being one of the first batches of post graduates. It is definitely a key to the acceleration of our growth at a national level. It is certainly expensive to send students abroad for post grad studies, and certainly not everyone would be accommodated. However, funding institutions for post graduate studies would be a feasible and reasonable endeavor.

Now that we have started I don’t think we will stop, I am sure national plans are laid out in collaboration with international universities to ensure the establishment of post grad educational facilities within the country. My desire is for everyone to have access to post grad studies. Of course, our country has done excellent in adjusting educational right of entry to every national; Eritrea has been an exemplary African country to that end. So I have no doubt that the future holds further progresses.

  • -FEVEN FANUEL, English Language Teaching

College is definitely not easy, especially in the beginning. The diversity and number of the students here might alarm a new student. In time, however, you grow to learn to live and study together. We became a big family. Our common interest in education has made our bond stronger. So, I feel extremely happy to be celebrating our graduation with every student of EIT.

I want to be able to get there … that place and time in which I will make the paramount use of what I learned. We have been granted with the possibility of dreaming, study for it and eventually live in one day. Congratulations to the family, friends and especially our professors.

And Feven’s professor, Mussie Tewelde, department head of English language teaching added further saying: “I am honored to have been part of my students’ journey.  They make us feel fulfilled of our work. Congratulations to them for their hard work… We really are proud of you!”      

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