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Sawa graduates 30th round of national service and 8th round of SVTC

The graduation of the 30th round members of National Service and 8th round of the Vocational Training Center took place on the 15th of July in the presence of President Isaias Afwerki, ministers, members of the PFDJ executive committee, army officers, regional administrators, parents and other invited guests.

The ceremony had to start early in the morning hours so as to avoid the heat.

A military parade was then staged by 3000 newly military graduates. On the center of the bloc there was number 30 which represents the commencement of the 30th round and a Milano uniform, a typical Tegadelti stuff, conveying a message that Tegadelti are the heart of Sawa. Following this, a marching bloc formed by females’ trainees staged a parade dividing until they remain individually and then regrouping and forming a flag on their head in an impressive way. It was so mesmerizing that it garnered a sheer admiration form the audience and ululation from mothers. A song entitled ‘let’s build the future’ performed by Salina Tsegay from the USA, was on next, to the pleasure of our mothers; the dance apasionadas!

Subsequently, Col. Debesai Ghide, Commander of the National Service Training Center, thanked the participants of the occasion and students of the 30rd round. Col. Debesai went on to explain that Sawa educational and training center, this year, has received students from 98 secondary schools nationwide. Out of the students who joined Sawa to continue their 12th grade and complete their national service duty, 50% were females; an attest to the growing number of female participation. The statistics indicate that 95.1% of them have managed to complete their academic and military training.

Following this a song with a message of endurance of our past and vision to our bright future was staged by Kibrom Teklay, a member of the Sawa trainers. “Kanchelo” a comic musical drama performed by renowned comedians was among artistic works which added color to the event and made the audience burst to laughter.

On the same event the Sawa Vocational Training Center (SVTC) graduated students of its first and second year of studies. The students graduated in three fields of studies – in three schools. They studied drafting, survey, electricity, building technology, general wood work, general metal work, plumbing, carpentry, accounting, secretarial science, personnel management among others. 57% of SVTC graduates are females with incredible achievements in school, which attest women engagement in Eritrea in all sectors.
SVTC was founded in 2007 to give vocational training to 12th grade students of Warsay- Ykealo secondary school who wouldn’t score enough for college admission. Since then the school has had 8 commencements including the class of 2017.

Later, representative of the 2017 graduating class, Meriem Issa delivered her speech. She said, “we have achieved a unique history in the past as a nation and today we will repeat it in the nation building process. Equipped with the trainings we acquired, we are bound to add an impetus to the state building effort and compensate our people and government.” She expressed her joy and pride as she stressed on the fact that the day signifies more being not only of graduation but also a day in which they would renew their pledge to compensate Eritrean martyrs.

Present on the occasion Mr. Tesfay Tewelde, Director of the Sawa vocational training Center, congratulated the graduates for successfully finishing their journey to Sawa. He also said that by taking vocational training they became vital drivers of the country’s development drive. Mr. Tesfay in his concluding remarks reminded the graduates to implement their knowledge in the national development considering the huge investment being made on them and the expectation of the nation from them. He also commended the collaborators of the school for their relentless support and asked for further reinforcement of their support.

During the graduation event, outstanding members of the 30th round of national service, outstanding students from the 2017 graduating class of SVTC and also model trainers received awards of excellence for what they have achieved in military and academic career respectively.

General Philipos Weldeyohanes handed the awards to the National Service Trainees who exhibited excellence in different activities of military training. Students form SVTC who exhibited excellence in their academic career also received awards from Mrs. Askalu Menkrios, Minister of Tourism.

President Isaias Afwerki along ministers and army commanders observed the official commencements of the 30th round of national service and the 8th graduation of students from the vocational training center in Sawa. The President awarded outstanding trainers of national service and also outstanding students from SVTC.

In his speech President Isaias said that the very reason for starting the national service program was to rebuild the economy and infrastructure of Eritrea ravaged due to the war for independence and later interposed by neighbor attacks. The ultimate goal, the President went on to say, is to ensure a sustainable economic growth and henceforth the half of a century strive for development is to nurture a successor generation equipped with knowledge and technological know-how caring a sovereign and strong nation. President Isaias acknowledge the youth contribution saying that they are indeed a great benefit to the nation development drive and that the program introduced and experienced by SVTC is progressing dynamically to assist youth growth in terms of skills and knowledge.

The revision of the curriculum, increase of educational facilities and summoning experienced trainers will be part of the coming academic year as indicated in the president’s speech. President Isaias called on the graduates to increase their propensity to knowledge and skills acquirement schemes. He also commended the administrators and trainers of Sawa for their hard work in accommodating youth trainees.

The official graduation event came to an end with the National Anthem.

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