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  • Increased students school enrolment
  • Forestation popular campaign
  • Adi-Keih: Environmental sanitation popular campaign
  • Forestation popular campaign

Asmara, 21 July 2017- Over 5000 workers from the civil and public service are conducting forestation popular campaign at Embaderho area, Central region.

According to the coordinator of the campaign, Mr. Yohannes Haile the objective of the popular campaign is to prepare holes for planting tree seedlings and is part of the national effort to redress the environment.

Mr. Abraha Garza, Manager of the Forestation and Wildlife Authority, indicated that effort is being exerted to cover barren lands with forests and that the initiative being taken by the workers in the Central region is part of that.

The participants on their part commending the initiative being taken to redress the environment, called for its sustainability.

  • Adi-Keih: Environmental sanitation popular campaign

Adi-Keih, 21 July 2017- The residents of the administrative areas of Dera, Semdi, Hiret and Inton, Adi-Keih sub-zone, recently conducted environmental sanitation popular campaigns.

At a meeting he conducted with the residents, Mr. Asefaw Turkai, head of Social Services in the sub-zone, said that the environmental sanitation program that was conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Health has registered encouraging result.

Mr. Kidane Msfun, expert of public health at the Ministry of Health branch in the Southern region, pointed out that the existence of healthy society depends on keeping the environment clean and called for the sustainability of the program.

The residents on their part expressed that the sustainable awareness campaign coupled with the provision of health services are contributing in ensuring the health of the public.

  • Increased students school enrolment

Massawa. 21 July 2017- Owing to the concerted awareness raising programs the students’ school enrolment in the Gelalo sub-zone has shown substantial increase, according to residents of the sub-zone.

The residents further called for increased effort and encouragement for young female so that they go to school.

They also indicated that thanks to the commendable health service provision the prevalence of communicable diseases as well as maternal and child death rate has significantly been reduced.

The residents also expressed readiness to contribute their part in the effort to keep the environment clean.

The Gelalo sub-zone is home to about 30 thousand residents leading their lives on pastoralist, fishing, agriculture and trade and are also enjoying potable water as well as education and health services. 

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