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* Cultural and sports week in Adi-Quala

* Use of smokeless oven expanding


  • Cultural and sports week in Adi-Quala

Adi-Quala, 27 July 2017- The youth workers cultural and sports week in Adi-Quala that was underway for a month concluded 20 July with enthusiasm.

The cultural and sports week in which youth workers from different public institutions took part included general knowledge competition, sports competitions as well as cultural shows.

The head of the PFDJ Political Affairs in the sub-zone, Mr. Tesfai Berhane pointed out that the cultural and sports week has created a platform for the youth to share experiences and identify their talents.

Mr. Teklebrhan Mehreteab, administrator of the sub-zone, on his part said that the cultural and sports week the was organized by the NUEYS branch has significant contribution in nurturing competent and dedicated youth.

In the same vein an assessment meeting on the Students’ Summer Program as well as the contribution of the youth in development programs was recently conducted at Segeneity sub-zone.

  • Use of smokeless oven expanding

Ghinda, 27 July 2017- The wide use of smokeless oven in Ghinda su-zone reported to significantly contributing in ensuring the health of women apart from its significance in minimizing firewood consumption,

The head of the NUEYS in the Southern Red Sea region, Ms. Jimi’a Raki expressed on the health and economic advantage the smokeless oven has and called on all families to introduce its in their homes.

So far, about 1,000 smokeless ovens have been introduced in the sub-zone and that attests to the strong effort on the part of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The beneficiaries explained that the smokeless oven (Adhanet) is contributing in ensuring their health and called on the public to make proper use of it.

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