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Eritrean Festival 2017 Set for August 18 to 20

The Eritrean Festival 2017 will be held at the Expo Grounds in Asmara from 18 to 20 August.


Asmara, 08 August 2017- The Eritrean Festival 2017 will be held at the Expo Grounds in Asmara from 18 to 20 August. The festival will be held in a manner that portrays Eritrean values and identity under a theme “Our Heritage Testimony of Our Identity”, according to Mr. Tesfai Berhe, head of the office of the National Holidays Coordinating Committee.

Mr. Tesfai said that the festival which will be held for 3 consecutive days will feature different programs including pictorial exhibition that portrays the beauty and architecture of Asmara city, artistic and cultural performances, bazaar show, performances by youth cultural troupe, educational and entertainment programs as well as children’s pavilion featuring modern technology. In addition to that, Crops and Livestock Corporation will display its products and that service rendering institutions and transportation facilities will provide services to the public in an enhanced manner.

Regarding the shortened period of the festival, Mr. Tesfai stated that plans have been mapped out to conduct researches, analysis and workshops in a bid to advance the regular programs of the festival which have been featured over the last 20 years of independence. Hence, this year’s festival has been chosen to be a transitional stage.

Noting that Eritrean Festival is a forum that depicts the beauty and diversity of the Eritrean people thus instilling Eritrean societal values to generations, Mr. Tesfai called on the general public to celebrate  the event in a colorful manner.


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