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“Better Visit the Hospital Early!”

On today’s Q&A, we have Yohana Habte, who joined the 24th round national service and got a 3.8 GPA during her matriculation exam.

She studied Clinical Laboratory Science and graduated with distinction. Here is a brief chat with Yohana.


  • -Why clinical laboratory?

I have always wanted to study subjects related with human Genetics. Also, I was so interested with labs and the discoveries made there. With this in mind, I have always been interested in Biology and used to score great at the subject. So this all led me to choose clinical science laboratory. It is a subject that deals with the different mechanisms of the human body and helps identify various diseases. It was undeniably challenging and required updating your knowledge every now and then, but it was a success.

It is a career that requires great conciseness. If the result was miss-placed or was given to the wrong patient, the medicine that are subscribed can cause great danger to lives.

  • -Symptoms that require clinical laboratory checkups?

Fever, swallowing, cramps, diarrhea are few of the symptoms one should visit the hospital soon. The challenges we face is that people wait too long before coming to the hospital which worsens the illness. It is better to come and checkup before it gets worse.

  • -Your inspiration to become who you are today?

It all starts from the family. My family have inspired me to be good in my studies and work hard. I would like to pass my gratitude. Also, Sawa is the place that has changed my life for the better. It is a place which represents the nation. I feel emotional every time I remember the time I had stayed in Sawa with all my friends.

  • -Anything you want to say at last?

I want to thank our government, for providing us the education we need for free. I want to work hard to repay my society.

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