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The Northern Escarpment: amazing panorama

Breathtaking hairpin bends winding down the magnificent mountain scenery give travelers a spectacular and unforgettable sight. And right where the cliffs begin, just beyond the village of Weki, a stunning view awaits your eyes; when the sky is at eye level it is filled with a dense white fog that makes you feel like you are floating in the clouds.

The Northern Escarpment on Eritrea’s Green Belt became famous after the construction of the Serejaka-Shebab road.

The amazing panorama gets even better as you proceed down the road, through the thick forest where roaming wild animals and chirping birds in the air add further delight to the enchanting trip. The majestic scenery you see after it rains is yet another remarkable vision-and all thanks to the construction of that road.

Invigorating Harmony

One among the fruitful road constructions of the country is the Massawa-Assab highway, which has reduced the drive from three days to one-day trip. Before that, due to the bumpy roads and tiresome journey, travelers rarely noticed the area’s natural beauty and that the road stretches along the sea coast. Although it is not yet completely asphalted, the Massawa-Assab highway is now smoother than a runway and has not only resolved the transportation problems in the area but also brought about relaxation for the minds of travelers.

Along the road, ostriches and antelopes freely wander around, protected by the Afar’s strict laws forbidding hunting of wild animals: they believe “God gives us water for the animal’s sake”.

With such long freeways there is no reason why we couldn’t hold car rallies in Eritrea in the future. Many thanks are due to all those who came up with the idea of building this road and took part in its construction. They deserve high praises while their names shall be engraved in the hearts of the millions of tomorrow’s tourists.

A true miracle

To say that I have never seen such a unique, beautiful and highly significant endeavor in my life would be an understatement. The Igla-Demhina road is by far one of the very strategic and important works of infrastructure.

The steep descent from the highest spot in our country (above 2000 meters above the sea level) to ground zero at sea level in only a few kilometers is indeed a truly astonishing performance.

Almost the whole country can be seen from the top: facing you from the west are the highland plateaus of Adi Keih hosting the ancient archeological sites of Kohaito and Mount Soira towers from the South; the precipitous gorge in the east level you with the valleys lined ahead towards the North. Looking down there is the Haddas River while the Red Sea acknowledges its presence in the Southeast.

When an elderly resident of the area was told that a road would be built for them, all he could manage to say was “Is it by the hand of man or that of God?” Indeed, this miraculous work accomplished by the Government of Eritrea proved the strong Eritrean will do the impossible.

The list is endless…The Eritrean relics are countless and even if we were to be given one each, we would still remain outnumbered.

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