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“Change doesn’t mean forgetting the origin…”

Stitching a piece of fabric and coming up with new designs, was his childhood dream. By the time he was growing up Abdu found himself making clothes for kids and decided that he wanted to do more. He is now one of the best designing artists in the fashion business. Abdu Abdella has been in the designing buissness for years coming up with new trends, mixing traditional with the modern.

Q&A, gives you Abdu for a brief chat.

  • -When did you first start to design?

I have always been interested since my young age, but I started to work on the sewing machine when I was 18. I worked hard in upgrading my skills by myself. I learned on the jobs I did and try to come up with better ones. At first, I was working on kids’ outfits for girls and later I was coming up with my own designs. In 2014, I rented my own retail shop and have been working there since then. That is how I got to the stage I am, and I am still working to upgrade my skills.

  • -What would you say is designing?

It is an art that is used to transform ideas on a piece of fabric. It is not just sewing; people are described by the way they are dressed. A designer is the one who makes people look what they want to look.

  • -Where do you get most of your ideas?

Well, most of my works reflect my environment. However, I also look into the internet and read books which are related to fashion. I mostly work with traditional and modern clothing.

  • -What type of designing do you use on the traditional outfits?

I try to upgrade the style while keeping its traditional originality. Change is important but not as important as keeping the originality.

  • -Your works include the traditional outfits of almost all the ethnic groups. Is it challenging?

Not at all. Especially since all the traditional clothes have their own beauty, they motivate you to come up with your own creativity for a great work. The types of fabric that I mostly use include Jedid, Shifon, and Zuria Abdelakani.

  • -What kind of study do you do to come up with a design?

It all starts from the experience I have had over the years. Of course I try to analyze a study as much as I could. I also have a modern computerized sewing machine (Over lock machine) which is a great help in conserving time and in good finishing. I mostly work on girls’ and mothers’ besides the kids’ outfits, which I am very much interested in. I would very much like to spend most of my time on kids’ outfits.

  • -How many fashion shows so far?

Four times.

  • -What type of modern style do you go with?

I mostly go with European and Arab styles. That is the easiest for me, starting with a wedding dress. However, I try to satisfy my costumers.

  • -Do you design outfits for singers?

Yes, I do work with different famous artists. For instance, I remember I had prepared outfits for 40 singers during the independence celebrations in 2011. I am also currently working with artists for their video clips, and for the Association of Cultural Affairs and the NUEYS for the revving of the theatrical drama program they are working on.

  • -What is the most unique design you have worked on?

I came up with a design of broken glasses outfit for artist Ruftalem Abrham.

  • -The feedback you get from customers and other designers?

I have great customers even in foreign countries. Also other designers support me fully. They understand my works and they motivate me to be great. I think that we all should share our skills with anyone who is interested in this field to promote our fashion industry. I am happy to share my experiences and ideas with people who ask for my help.

  • -You are also a photographer?

I am. That is how I prepare my designs as well. I am also a skilled barber. I can bring out good hair designs. I believe that it is never a crime being a multi-talented man. So I also play musical instruments. I play Kirar in my house.

  • -Are you married?

Yes I am. I am a father of four.

  • -Anything you might want to add

I would like to work hard to develop my skills and share my experience with people. Also, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me since the start. Especially, I would like to express my gratitude to my division 47.

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