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“I am a fighter”

“I am a fighter” says a guy, who is in his mid thirties. In a monologue, I posed a question saying “what does he mean by I am a fighter?” While I was still wondering, he continued to utter the same words time and again. I am a fighter… I am a fighter, who has been engaged in educating not only children but also the youth of my age. I worked in the remotest parts of Eritrea and shared remarkable experiences with the people living there. “I am still on the track working for a better tomorrow not only for my individual interest but for the common good of my fellow Eritreans”, he elaborated.

Yeah, he is right. Everybody in this country is a fighter. A fighter who has been relentlessly working in safeguarding the national sovereignty as well as a fighter who has been exerting unremitting efforts in all development sectors.

Teachers have been fighting against illiteracy and medical professionals have been on track in combating communicable and non-communicable diseases. Engineers, agriculture and marine experts, economists, diplomats, lawyers, inventors and innovators , geologists, archeologists and historians and everybody who studies any field in the natural or social sciences is engaged in a fight to ensure societal well being.

Teachers assigned to remote parts of Eritrea continue to lit a torch of knowledge to ensure that children in such areas develop skills that could help them register remarkable achievement in their future careers. Health workers are always there to provide healthcare services. Youth trained in vocational training centers are always busy linking remote parts with central towns as well as in the construction of dams. They have been working as truck drivers, machinery operators, surveyors and electricians.

It is the shared responsibilities and initiatives of all nationals and, particularly, that of the youth who make utmost contribution in the country’s journey towards economic emancipation. Various pragmatic development programs that have been implemented in all parts of Eritrea are results of harmonious efforts of all nationals.

Everybody in this country is placing a milestone in all development sectors, and the youth as the vanguard of change, have been taking the lead. Thus, everybody is strenuously engaged in a fight for a better tomorrow, and the youth are always working to ensure that the country’s development undertakings are progressing in accordance with the envisaged goals.

Archeologists are working to unveil Eritrea’s ancient history which has never been known to the rest of the world. They have been excavating relics and fossils. Ancient human skull discovered in Buya, and the elephant fossil of the pre-history discovered in Kudofelassi, Mendefera sub-zone, and other ongoing excavations are ample examples of the country’s rich heritage that is expected to bring new insight into the history of evolution. All these have been done with the active participation of young graduates.

Eco tourism is another area the country is highly endowed with. Young marine archeologists, fisheries experts and graduates in the field of marine science are expected to make due contribution in the development of marine and generally that of eco tourism.

Health and Education are the major development indicators in any given country and, thus, Eritrea has registered remarkable progress in this two sectors. What is really encouraging in this area is that the youth are implementers of the activities.

Healthcare and, specifically the decline in maternal and child mortality, is considered a major development indicator. Eritrea has registered remarkable progress in the health sector, which makes the country exemplary on the African continent.

The provision of potable water in arid and semi-arid areas and throughout the country is another achievement. A number of nationals have become beneficiaries of agricultural activities and of various social services owing to the construction of water reservoirs and technical assistance of experts.

No more makeshift schools, no more nomadic life, no more lack of basic needs but rather living with ease is a farsighted vision and aspiration that has started to be realized in different areas of the country. Upgrading the living standards of all nationals residing in less advantaged areas is the major national priority. Access to education, healthcare, potable water, electricity and the introduction of modern farm practices, reforestation activities and other programs that have been carried out through combined efforts of all nationals are expected to bring economic and social transformation in all parts of Eritrea.

As long as productivity of the youth and that of the general population continue with an enhanced momentum, Eritrea will continue to register commendable progress in all development sectors.
The fight to build a strong foundation that is aimed at ensuring sustainable development is paying off. The Eritrean youth have been the vanguards of change. No matter how sound the mapped out programs are, it is the implementation that matters most. It has now become customary to see young professionals playing their due role in all sectors and, particularly, in the health and education sectors.

Owing to the concerted efforts in literacy programs, around 70% of the Eritrean population is now able to read and write. So, Eritrea is achieving commendable progress in many development areas. Literacy and healthcare are the notable ones.

One could not believe there are 16 million illiterate citizens in the US. According to the BBC, it is a sad story to have such a big number of illiterate people who cannot read and write in the developed part of the world.

The fight for economic emancipation is more likely to be achieved because of the relentless efforts of all nationals who have been playing decisive roles in their respective specialties. It is true everybody in this country is a fighter making efforts for the common good of all nationals.

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