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Eid-Mawlid celebrated nation wide

Eid-Mawlid Al-Nabi was celebrated  across the nation today, 30 November.

Asmara, 30 November 2017 – Eid-Mawlid Al-Nabi was celebrated  across the nation today, 30 November.

The  observance at  the  Al- Khulafae Al-Rashidin here in the capital was attended by Major General Romodan Osman Awliyay, administrator of the Central region,  senior government  and PFDJ officials, religious leaders, Ambassadors and diplomats as we as thousands of the faithful.

Managing director of the Eritrean  Mufti, Sheik Salm Ibrahim Al-Muktar, presided over  the  religious observance. In a spiritual message he conveyed, Sheik Salm wished a happy Eid to the Eritrean people in general and followers of the Islamic faith in particular. Explaining the historical back ground on the introduction of the Islamic faith to Eritrea, Shiek Salm underscored the mutual respect the followers of the Islam and Christian display for one another and that radicalism has no place in Eritrea.

The Chairman of the Awkaf in Asmara, Mr. Mohammed-Seid Beshir, gave briefing on the historical background of the celebration and indicated that the observance of this year’s Eid-Mawlid Al-Nabi celebration is unique for it coincided with the Annual Christian pilgrim of the “Hidar Tsion”.

Th Eid-Mawlid celebration was highlighted by spiritual performances conducted by the sheiks, spiritual teachers and students.

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