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Pass the ball! It is women’s time in Volleyball!

  • FIVB Project HUP Implementation in Eritrea

Volleyball has for long been a loved sport. It is highly practiced in neighborhoods, with young people standing in a circle and passing the ball until it falls. No nets, no courts. Just a ball. Mostly before sun set volleyball, the amateur version, is an ultimate crave for young boys and girls.

When boys then shift to football on Sunday mornings, and most of the girls get busy with the Sunday morning house chores, and despite a long day serving meals, cleaning the house, the long coffee ceremony and the endless list of must do Sunday burlesque, they still stick to the evening volleyball schedule. It is a sight not to miss. The neighborhood jazzes up with the ladies cheers and screams every time they jump to prevent the ball from falling.

Now on professional grounds, the National Federation of Volleyball in partnership with the International Federation of Volleyball, has been overseeing a project regarding the development of professional women volleyball. The project is called HUP. With its multifaceted purposes and activities the project aims at enriching women’s professionalism in volleyball. The instigation of the project was inaugurated on the 5th of December in Denden’s indoor court.

In the opening ceremony the President of the Eritrean Volleyball Federation delivered the inaugural speech. In his speech Col. Desale Kalai said that the project is a result of the good relation between the Eritrean and the International Volleyball Federation. He explained that the project was originally suggested and encouraged by Dr. Ari Grasan of the International Volleyball Federation upon the fruitful implementation of prior projects laid out for basketball. Col. Desale Kalai, further, explained that before the project’s implantation pronouncement, serious and lengthy studies were conducted. Afterwards, the project was entrusted to the Ministry of Defense’s charge for better implementation and, thus, better results.

“It is advantageous that the project is to be handled by the Ministry of Defense” said the Head of Information and Promotion Division of the ministry Col. Solomon Sium, clarifying, that the Eritrean Ministry of Defense has for long been investing thorough attention to sport activities. Therefore, it will be able to supervise the implementation of HUP. He reminded the female volleyball players to keep on being role models for younger girls to step in their footsteps.

HUP’s supervisor and CEO of the Eritrean National Volleyball Federation, volleyball Instructor Henok Yohannes, said that the HUP project will be carried for a year. In the course of a year eight women’s volleyball teams will become part of the training courses by HUP. “The training materials and equipment was fully funded by the International Volleyball Association” said Henok.

The HUP project will officially begin early January 2018 and run for a whole year. Best of luck to HUP and may the cheers of our ladies volleyball players never fade!

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