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Welcoming the New Year With Q&A


  • -SABA WOLDEMARIAM, waitress

How pleasant is it to welcome a new year amongst the loved ones?! I am Saba Woldemariam and I am a waitress. My coffee machine and I are actually the ones behind the delicious macchiatos and cappuccinos in our cafe. Being alive, safe and healthy is a great deal. It’s actually the ultimate interpretation of happiness. Therefore, I am happy to be healthy enough to work in a place full of people from different walks of life. My job goes beyond making macchiato, cappuccino and tea. It is about connecting with the customers. Everyday people walk to the cafeteria with new auras and emotions. And there is no way in the world for me to know how my customers are feeling. Therefore, when they order their drink, I have to make sure that the taste meets their expectations. ‘A bit more coffee or a bit less? A touch of ginger or not? Sugar or plain?’ that is what I ask every time I get an order. Just like a student I have to memorize most of my clients’ tastes. I simply cannot ruin their day by serving the wrong savor. If by any unlucky instance I miss a customer’s expectation, I can totally see it from afar. All is written on their face. I rarely see them putting their tongue out or kink their lips in disappointment. It is as if they’re saying “…Uhm, not what I expected. But I’ll drink it anyways. I paid for it”. However, if the client is pleased, it is even more noticeable as their smiles brighten the cafeteria. When the cup reaches the table, way before they even get a taste, I see the aroma from the cup changing the look on their face. There, that is my reward! My job is not easy but I enjoy it. It is a silent connection with my clients. A grand feeling I cannot easily express. So, in this season of festivity, I truly wish all of my customers’ joy and happiness. I pray for this year to be a year in which prayers are answered and wishes come true. Happy New Year!

  • -ERMIAS GHEBRELEUL, journalist

I am Ermias Ghebreleul and I am a sports journalist, columnist to be specific, and a news anchor. Side by side to being a full time father to my amazing kids, writing for my own column in Haddas Eritrea newspaper and hosting sports talk shows on ERITV have been a great joy for me as a journalist. The joy comes from being able to connect with my readers and followers. Sport, especially football and cycling, is a passion of the majority of the Eritrean people. Therefore, it gives me pleasure to be ‘that journalist’ who connects through sports. In the past 14 years I have been doing my best to live up to the public’s expectations. I hope I haven’t failed them, and once again I would like to assure you all that I’ll do my best next year.

It would be too shallow to generally talk about sport in few words. All I can say is this year has seen many ups and downs, many animated happenings and some gloomy occasion. Many young sports people made a debut in different sports. Many others have made history and some disappointed their fans. The world of sport is extremely vast for me to summarize in one paragraph. I wouldn’t even try, but let me just say that I had my moments of exuberance reporting on local and international sport news while analyzing numerous events.

I extend my greetings to the people of Eritrea in general, and specifically to sports’ fans. I hope for 2018 to be a year of abundance and prosperity. To all of my followers, I’d like to thank you for your respect. Greetings to my wife and my best friend Asmait Tekie. To my friends, colleagues and everyone else Happy New Year!

  • -AYMEN SALAHADIN a.k.a. Dj i6, artist

Every moment of each day is not something anyone should take for granted; it should be celebrated for many reasons. Welcoming the New Year while saying farewell to the previous one, is definitely worth a proper celebration. I’ve experienced in my DJ experience that New Year’s Eve is a major celebratory occasion when people enjoy themselves with their loved ones and usher in the coming change of a digit in the years’ count.

I grew up surrounded by an artistic environment which I believe led me to my career. I have felt rhythm flowing in my blood, in my veins and through my body since I could remember. I had to share that feeling with my friends and anyone around me. That is how I started DJing. I am now enjoying every minute of my profession, while at the same time, working hard towards developing myself and my knowledge in the field.

Music is incredibly a great connector. It’s hard to explain but I am not exaggerating when I say that I feel the feeling of everyone dancing on the dance floor. DJing is my way of communicating with people. Their movement, vibes, rhythm and joy are all unveiled under the power of music.

I have had the pleasure of playing at different festive events and hosted many parties over the years. However, my favorite period is this season. It’s Christmas, New Year and then Geez Christmas all in one pack. It is a season filled with love and joy. A time to realize one’s blessings. A time to look back and set out new plans forward. Therefore, welcoming it with a happy vibe, music and some dance makes my job even loftier.

As the previous years, I’ve scheduled many things for this year


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