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Commendable health service provision

Massawa, 26 February 2018- With the huge investment made to expand and ensure the capacity of health facilities in the Northern Red Sea region, 90% of the residents of the region have become beneficiaries of health services.

Indicating that owing to the successful villages regrouping people living in the remote areas of the region have become beneficiaries of health services, the head of the Ministry of Health branch in the region, Dr. Yohannes Tekeste said that in the past 26 years the number of health facilities has increased form 5 to 41 and that has increased by 800%.

Dr. Yohannes reiterated that the new health stations in Karora, Embatkala and Irafaile equipped with modern equipment and human resources are significantly contributing in easing the load of the hospitals in the region.

Dr. Yohannes further said that ambulances have been allocated to the health centers of Karora, Kamchewa, Adobha, Dahlak and Emahminen and the Nakfa, Afabet and Massawa Hospitals have began providing dentistry treatment service.

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