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Commendable vaccination program

Massawa, 26 February 2018- The health facilities that are put in place in the remote areas in the Northern Red Sea region and equipped with solar power system for preserving medicines are providing commendable vaccination program.

The Ministry of Health branch in the region reiterated that the vaccination coverage has increased by 85%.

The branch office indicated that currently eight types of vaccines is being provided and that are significantly contributing in ensuring the health of mother and child.

It further pointed out that with the sustainable awareness raising programs the prevalence of diseases has significantly been reduced.

With the sustainable community based environmental sanitation programs the prevalence of trachoma has been reduces from 11% to 3% and malaria to its lowest level, according to the report.

The report further indicated that with the substantial investment made to ensure the health of the society, 90% of the residents in the Northern Red Sea region have become beneficiaries of health service.

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