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Meeting on strengthening role of parents

Assab, 26 February 2018 – The head of the Ministry of Education branch in the Southern Red Sea region, Mr. Idris Ali commended the role of parents in the development of the teaching and learning process and in the enhanced students’ school enrolment.

In a meeting he conducted with representatives of Harsile and Abo administrative areas, Mr. Idris stating that education is the foundation of development and prosperity in the contemporary technology driven world, called on parents to enhance nurturing their children for better outcome and efficiency.

Indicating the substantial investment the government is making in expanding educational facilities even in the remote areas, Mr. Idris said that the number of students’ school enrolment is increasing and called on parents and administrations for enhanced effort to eradicate illiteracy.

In a briefing he gave regarding the level of student school enrolment in the junior education as well as on the results of students in the national eighth grade examination, the head of Basic Education, Mr. Kelil Osman on his part, said that the junior schools in the Southern Denkalia sub zone have registered low level results compared to other junior schools in other sub zones of the region and called for integrated effort to improve the outcome.

The participant on their part expressed readiness to contribute due role in nurturing quality and competitive students.

In Harsile and Abo administrative areas, there are 8 schools ranging from preschool to junior level.

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