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Araeta Sub Zone’s Solid Progress

The sub zone of Araeta is found in the Southern Red Sea region. This sub zone comprises ten administrative areas, some of which are Tio, Bhayta, Adaylo, Aleti, Egiroli, Feren, Ayumen and Asagala. The Araeta subzone is home to 21 thousand people, most of whom, 88%, lead their lives as nomads, herding their livestock. Ten percent of the population is engaged in fishing while the rest do small business activities. The people live in the 45 villages administered under the sub zone.

To make it easy to provide social services villages and people, in particular, are gathered to live in community forms. The government’s aim is to bring together people over a wide swath of land to provide them equitable social services. Such endeavors have been taking place in all regions of the country. In Areata sub zone people of Adaylo and Bhayta are enjoying the results of the initiative. They are beneficiaries of the social services. The Aleti administrative area has also been reduced from seven to five villages, resulting in the opening of an elementary school, with a plan to open a middle school.

The sub zone’s landscape is known for its mountains and valleys which make it difficult to provide social services as needed. Despite this natural challenge, the government makes sure basic social services are presented to the people of the sub zone.

Elementary schools are available in six out of the ten administrative areas. There are Elementary and middle schools in Tio, Adaylu, Aleti, and Hamberti. Students in the areas where there are no middle schools are sent to the boarding school in Tio. Kindergartens have also been established for preschool services. Female participation in schools is said to be satisfactory in elementary schools but not in middle and high schools. The governor of the sub zone, Mr. Ibrahim Ahmedin, said that this low female enrollment is due to parents’ reluctance to send their daughters to the boarding school. To address this the administration of the sub zone has been organizing regular campaigns in collaboration with the branch office of the Ministry of Education in the sub zone, government institutions as well as the elders and parents. The sub zone of Araeta recruits 120 teachers for the schools providing educational services to 2000 students.

Good health must be assured for everyone at any cost. For this reason, three health stations in Ayumen, Tio and Egiroli and a referral hospital in Tio have been built. To increase access to health care the sub zone is planning to build more health stations in places such as Bhayta, Adaylu and Asagala.

Water for the inhabitants of the Araeta sub zone is sourced from wells in the villages. The water is pumped out using solar energy and is used for drinking and agricultural purposes. Some of the villages in the sub zone get water from taps built in their surroundings. Moreover to resolve some of the water supply problems that occur occasionally, some water tankers are assigned to supply drinking water.

From a total of 680 hectares of cultivated land in Bahayta, Tio and Sarotay 700 quintals were harvested last year alone. This has attracted more farmers’ attention in the sub zone. Realizing this, the Ministry of Agriculture plans to collaborate with farmers in providing agricultural equipment, tractors and special seed before the rainy season is due. The regional committee of development also plans and researches on how to harvest more production in the sub zone in 2018. Crops such as Sorghum and Pearl millet, sesame and vegetables can grow in the fields of the sub zone. Further, Palm date cultivation projects are underway with 15,000 seedling in the potential fields of Sarotay. The area is known for its rich underground water. In Adaylo, planting date palms started in January. Generally, efficient cultivation procedures are continually practised to boost production in the sub zone.

Since the majority of the population lead a nomadic lifestyle, transportation is usually underrated. The small percentage of people who require transportation regularly renovate the summer roads to get into the major towns for business and personal dealings.

The Southern Red Sea region is known for its historical and ancient landmarks. To preserve the ancient sites and relics in the sub zone the tourism office of the region and Commission of Culture and Sports are taking the mandate of monitoring on a regular basis.

At the moment, the sub zone of Araeta is increasing the social services it gives to its people, ensuring they are satisfied.

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