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  • Monetary contribution to augment martyrs trust fund
  • Disadvantaged national rehabilitated


  • Monetary contribution to augment martyrs trust fund

Asmara, 16 April 2018 – In continuation to the support they have been providing to the families of the martyrs, the Eritrean nationals residing in different cities of The Netherlands contributed 5,760 Euro to augment the martyrs’ trust fund.

According to report, the national have previously contributed 195 thousand Nakfa for the construction of potable water project in the Dubaruwa elementary school.

  • Disadvantaged national rehabilitated

Keren, 16 April 2018- The Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare branch in the Halhal sub-zone rehabilitated disadvantaged citizens with materials.

The head of the office, Mr. Zeray Aradom said that the support was aimed at improving the livelihoods of the war disabled veterans, families of martyrs as well as orphans.

The beneficiaries were 16 families from the administrative areas of Halhal, Mai-Awalid, Melebso, Kertset and Rehai and they received materials worth 240 thousand Nakfa.

The beneficiaries on their part commending for the support they were provided and expressed resolve to strengthen effort and become productive members of the society.

Document for the Halhal sub-zone indicates that there are over 540 including 182 female disabled in the sub-zone and that since 2007 they have been provided credit free loans and that many are leading their lives through small scale trade.   

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