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Effort to Strengthen Organizational Capacity of Women

Asmara, 21 April 2018 –  The National Union of Eritrean Women’s branch in Anseba region is making effort towards raising the awareness of women and strengthening organizational capacity, in addition to promoting their economic status, the Head of the branch Ms. Amna Hassen indicated.

Stating that encouraging achievements have been registered as a result of the training offered and other opportunities provided over the past years, Ms. Amna hailed the participation of women in the national development drive.

She further explained that women in Melebso, Mhlab, Aibaba, Quruh and Belta are collectively engaged in small scale vegetable and fruit farming activities, and that the program is significantly contributing in improving their livelihood.

Ms. Amina reiterated that Sewing and Fashion Design Training Center in Keren is playing significant role in equipping women with vocational skills and that integrated effort is being conducted to increase the participation of women in education. As part of the effort to develop the competence of women public libraries have been established in Keren, Asmat, Habero and Elabered, she added.


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