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When exactly is Enough Good Enough ?

Can’t we just get satisfied with what we already have? We keep wanting with no limit and then blame nature as an excuse for our lack of satisfaction. To begin with, we all have wishes, plans and needs to fulfill. But once we get to accomplish or posses what we asked for, we do not even stop to enjoy what we have, and the next hook is on immediately.

Had we set our goals and plans at the outset would it be different? We are beings with limitless needs and endless wants. I call that something that has ascended up with time, to hide what we have evolved to be. There happens to be confusion between needs and wants. The long strong fine line between them has faded, almost vanishing to the extent that we don’t even differentiate between them anymore.

What would the world look like when we totally forget or fail to recognize “what’s enough?” or forgoing being precise and specific what to achieve. That someone has to have something to call enough, of course what more can we ask for?

When you look at everything you do with judgment, you get less done and you’re unhappy with the things you have done. It brings down your mood, self esteem, and self worth. That’s not ambition; that’s perfectionism. And it’s not your friend. But where exactly do such judgmental standards originate? Is your “good enough” criteria authentically aligned with your deepest beliefs, values, and ideals?

There is one issue that keeps us from being satisfied with what we have. And that’s the notion that alludes “if you are already done with what you got and you are totally through with it, then you have nothing inspiring to keep you going, so you fail to reach the edges and prosper”. Well it’s too hard to be brave enough and go against those words, especially if you truly recognize what it would bring you. Following suit with those words probably means it is the end of your life’s mission, because you have nothing inspiring or motivating to look forward to.

We humans are actually caught up in looking for a reward with more pleasure as soon as we accomplish a definite goal. There might be a lot of questions to ask as to why we have this kind of mind set in the first place. It might be our societal surrounding; perhaps it might be books, the media or others. We suffer from these because we keep following somebody’s way to find our own success. For example, we may read self-help books with titles, “how to be happy”, “how to be successful”, “how to love” and so on. In my view, those types of books are only obstacles that lead one to tilt from his/her peculiar aspirations and overtaking lane to approach one’s aspirations. In my opinion, they are rather more limiting than leading, paralyzing than motivating, dominating than inspiring.

The only line of attack to be free from all this is to have our own ways, ideologies, principles and methods to keep up our success. We got the potential power after all! To get to the point, it is important to “Know what to do and know what is really enough for you is.” Speaking critically we might also ask a bulk of questions; who said satisfaction is the limit! Who said it holds you back? What is the highest point anyway? Who set the mark in the first place and called it the peak? And any way what is a peak? Where does our satisfaction lay? And above all when is ‘enough’ good enough?

To answer those valuable questions one ought to use his/ her own intelligence, perspective and instincts apart from the suggestions we might get from society.Our instincts lead us but we ignore them, maybe because we think they are too simple to be true. Because the solution seems to be way-more simpler compared to the problem we are facing. And there comes the question ‘why do we refuse to accept simple solutions for complex problems?’ Simply, a little key opens a huge door, a simple virus kills a serial killer, and a drop of water moves an entire dam. Then why can’t a simple solution solve a complicated problem? It can’t be that simple, can it?

Considering that anything we earn is great, we don’t need others to answer for our own questions? We can handle a complicated life; we have been through the worst after all. We managed to be simple when nobody else could do it and we can definitely handle complications. Because all we have to do is stay natural rather than denying our instincts, ‘Simplicity is complexity’. Just be simple, mastering the complicated is what comes with the flow!

In life it is true we get signs everywhere but in most cases we fail to interpret or understand them. The signs, if interpreted in a rather rightful manner, guarantee us a beautiful life. Of course, what more can we ask for than knowing ‘what the future holds’! All we have to do is shift a world of “Be complicated to live simply” into a world of “live simple to be complicated”.

This necessarily doesn’t mean you have to be like anybody else, just be on par enough to have something you call your own. I believe that there are many things in life we’d work harder at if we deemed that doing so would afford us with a truly gratifying, joyful, or even jubilant, experience. Be courageous enough to acquire and earn what is rightfully yours. When you set goals and plans in life, make sure that is all you want no matter how small or big they are. Working towards achieving these sets of goals with dedication will in return manifest into a realization of when enough is good enough. And it’s precisely when we’re willing to rouse ourselves and aspire to do something that just might turn out exceptional—when, that is, we labor to transcend mere adequacy and strive to accomplish something affirming the very best in us—that we can genuinely perceive ourselves as “special.”

“Using once notion of enough as yours is like burping for their full stomach! “

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