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“Work safe be safe”

Safety in a place of work is one of the basic rights of employees. The World Safety Day is celebrated every year in the whole world to remind people that safety of workers in their work place is essential. Protecting safety of employees is one of the major policies of the government, local factories other foreign companies in Eritrea. This year’s World Safety Day was commemorated in Asmara by Oil Libya Company in collaboration with the Eritrea Police Traffic and the Infrastructural Department.

Today, Q&A has a chat with Mr. Ahmed Algembri, Manager of Oli Libya Company.

  • Would you please introduce our readers to Oil Libya Company in Eritrea?

Oil Libya Eritrea is an oil retail company which has about 45 stations and four terminals throughout the country. The company also serves two air ports, which are located in Asmara and Assab. In addition, the company provides gasoline, kerosene, and oil for airplanes and various industries. Libya is the world’s 17th largest oil producer and third largest oil producer in Africa. In Africa, Oil Libya is a key player in the African energy industry. The company delivers products and services for retail, commercial, aviation and marine activities. Oil Libya’s core values are firmly rooted in Africa and they are integrity, honesty and equality. The company is contributing to the African economic and social development.

  • What are the benefits the company is expected to get by operating in Africa?

The number one objective of the Company is to help improve social safety, contribute to African development and work to become one of the key players in elevating the continent’s energy. Oil Libya Company has branches in 23 African states. The Company has a total of 1500 stations in Africa. Its operations include selling, refining, and exporting oil. Oil Libya also engages in additional services including marketing extra materials which are used for vehicles and industries.

  • What are the special activities that you are hosting to honor World Safety Day?

The employees of Oil Libya Company, in collaboration with the Infrastructural Department and Eritrea Police Traffic, has painted the zebra crossing on the road. We tried to fix the faded crossing lines on the roads and spread the broachers on safe road crossings to the public. Through the activities we advised pedestrians and motorists to properly use zebra cross and that way to decrease accidents to its minimum level. Our company’s policy is not only to make business and profit, but we also work to insure and enhance the social safety in Africa. We believe Africa is one of the richest continents in the world and the natural recourses in Africa can serve almost the whole world if they are maintained in the right way. However, the human labor needs to be maintained well for the people to lead a safe and comfortable life which would also increase the companies’ profits.

  • How do you see the importance of safety in a place of work?

Our company has a good standpoint of being safe in a work place. We believe if a person is going to work and produce, the safety of that person should be kept well. Considering that, the Oil Libya Company put tremendous effort to keep its employees safe and makes sure that nobody gets hurt in any way. As a result, the company follows “work safe be safe” principle. Also, the company’s priority is to maintain the lowest casualties, lowest losses of manpower and work with strongest and highest safety acquirements according to international standards. As such, the Company has invested a large amount of money to increase the public awareness and to improve safety in a work place. Giving different protection training for our employees, installation of firefighting system, and working to raise awareness of the community on safety are few of the activities the company does to ensure safety.

  • How do you see the awareness of the Eritrean society in comparison with other African societies towards safety?

I don’t have words to explain the Eritrean people. I was impressed by the Eritreans when I first came to the country. They are welcoming and respectful to a guest and to each other. Any foreigner is truly touched by how welcoming and friendly Eritreans are. Their activity to wards sanitation is really remarkable. Regarding safety, the way they respect each other is one of the many things to achieve safety. Therefore, in the name of this special day, I and my workmates are painting the zebra crossing road in order to decrease casualties. Drivers must respect and give primacy to pedestrians and they must use the safety belt properly while driving. Also, I would like to pass on my appreciation of the Eritrea Traffics Police on their hard work to decrease accidents.

  • How do you explain the contribution of Oil Libya Company towards the social safety in Eritrea?

According to our program, we would like to contribute to the Eritrean society regarding safety. After we got permission from the local authorities we were able to donate laptops to few schools, TV screen to various hospitals, churches and mosques. The digital materials we donated would help show about the traffic accidents that are occurring. On top of that, we gave training to students about how to avoid traffic accidents.

  • How do you see the Government’s efforts in ensuring social safety?

The Government of Eritrea is doing a good work. So far, I have been to many states and I think the Government’s efforts and endeavors are remarkable compared to other African states. The Government is working with certified organizations to upgrade the safety quality of the country. Besides, Eritrean nationals are playing an important role in helping the Government in the efforts towards achieving the top social safety.

  • Before we end our conversation is there anything you want to say?

Eritrea is such a wonderful country and my time in Eritrea is really great. The people and the government are working hand in hand to improve social safety. All the factories are well organized and they really respect the roles of their country. All this kind of hard work will provide a prosperous state to the future generation of Eritrea. I can see now a fruitful future of Eritrea now.

  • Thank you for your time.

Thank you Eritrea profile for having me on your page.

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