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Effort to develop health services

Schools’ week in Gelalo and Hamelmalo

Various construction activities in Habero sub zone

  • Various construction activities in Habero sub zone

Keren, 13 May 2018 – In a bid to alleviate lack of class rooms, potable water and transportation problems commendable construction and infrastructural activities are being conducted in various areas of the Habero sub zone.

Through the program, in Mezret, Habero Tsaeda, Afayun, Qarobel and Filfle, 25 additional class rooms are constructed and that a dam is under construction to alleviate potable water problems and develop agricultural activities through irrigation.

Administrator of the sub zone Mr. Fitwi Gebremeskel stated that 70km dirt road linking Filfil with Mezret is being renovated through public cooperation and that the completion of the roadwork will facilitate other projects in the area.
Regarding the regrouping of villages Mr. Fitwi said that 95% of the program has been successful.

In the social services sector, in the sub zone there are 29 educational institutions including 11 preschools, 10 elementary, 7 junior and one secondary school, as well as three health stations and one health center are providing services. Mr. Fitwi further indicated that electric power lines are installed in the area to introduce electric power supply.

Stating that discussion is being conducted with Harat Transportation Company to alleviate transportation problem in the area, Mr. Fitwi underscore that residents will become beneficiaries of mobile telephone services in the near future.

  • Effort to develop health services

Barentu, 13 May 2018- The head of health services in Laelai Gash, Mr. Eyob Zere said that commendable effort is being exerted to develop the provision of health services.

Mr. Eyob pointed out that the health facilities in Tokombia, Shilalo, Awgaro, Gerenfit, Antore and Mai-Shiglin equipped with efficient human resources and equipment are providing praiseworthy health services to residents of the 23 administrative areas.

He also said commendable achievement is being registered in minimizing the death rate of women during pre and post delivery.

Mr. Eyob reiterated that the vaccination program coverage has reached to 100% and that was due to the increased awareness of the public.

The Laelai Gash sub-zone has been known for its malaria epidemic and that with the integrated effort on the part of the health practitioners and the public the prevalence of malaria has significantly been reduced.

  • Schools’ week in Gelalo and Hamelmalo

Asmara, 13 May 2018- Cultural and sports week has been conducted in the sub-zones of Gelalo and Hamelmalo.

The cultural and sports week was featured with general knowledge contests, cultural and sports activities as well as activities depicting the culture and tradition of the society.

Speaking at the occasions, the administrators of the sub-zones said that the cultural and sports week was conducted with the objective of enabling students identify their talents and share experiences among each other. They also called for the integrated effort of the Government institutions and the public for the sustainability of the program.

At the end of the program awards have been handed over to outstanding students.

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