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Artistry in connection with 27th Independence Anniversary

Eritrea is celebrating its 27th independence anniversary. Glorious events marked by peace and tranquility are being enjoyed by all Eritreans. The main streets of Asmara have been illuminated by vivid colors that reflect unity in diversity. A number of people from all walks of life have been flocking to the main streets of Asmara to be part of the independence celebrations. The 27th independence anniversary is being colorfully celebrated throughout the country.

Various artistic shows have been staged in connection with the 27th independence anniversary. The shows include live music performances in Harnet Avenue and staging of plays and other cultural shows in cinema Asmara and Roma.

The cultural shows being staged by Eritrean artists cover various themes that reflect dignified cultural values of the Eritrean people and development undertakings implemented in the post independence period. So far, various artistic performances that are based on true stories have been staged in Cinema Asmara and Roma.

Besides cultural performances by Eritrean artists, various programs have also been staged by cultural groups from Egypt and Russia.

The cultural shows being staged in the cinemas will continue until 23rd May.

Apart from cultural shows by Aswan Cultural Troupe from Egypt, the shows that have been staged in Harnet Avenue by various cultural troupes are indeed manifestation of the ongoing cultural ties between Eritrea and other nations. Occasions like the independence anniversary have now become venues for cultural exchanges between Eritrean and various cultures from around the world.

Music and dance talent competitions that have been held for the last three months in connection with the ongoing independence celebrations were colorfully concluded in an event held on 18 May at Bahti-Meskerem Square.

The talent competitions were held in three phases. Generally 15 music and seven dance groups participated in the competition. Aser cultural group was ranked 1st and awarded 90,000 Nakfa. Benifer was awarded 60,000 Nakfa and Kewakbti -Reem 50,000 Nakfa for being 2nd and 3rd respectively.

In the concert held at Bahti- Meskerem Square, young artists were awarded for the excellence they demonstrated. Rezene Alem was awarded for being the best singer, Tesfit Hagos for best musician, Abib Hayleab for best composer, Even Mebrahtu for best dancer and Simon Araya for best choreographer.

Mass sport was held on 20 May. At the event a big number of people participated and added color to the independence celebrations. Marathon men’s competition and half marathon women’s completion were also part of the athletics contest.

An exhibition of paintings and sculptures was also displayed at the hall of the National Union of Eritrean Women Central office. In the Morning hours of 18 May, Mr. Alamin Mohammed-Saied, PFDJ Secretary, inaugurated the exhibition. Ministers, PFDJ officials and invited guests observed exhibition which reflects women’s participation in all socio-economic activities and the role women played in the overall development undertakings implemented throughout the country.

Ms. Selam Berhane is a painter, whose paintings were displayed at the exhibition. She believes that the paintings are reflective of women’s participation in all socio-economic activities. She said that a mother is everything. A mother bequeaths her children courage, steadfastness and noble values of the Eritrean people. In honoring the noble cause for which the Eritrean martyrs gave their lives, the Eritrean mother teaches her children everything that shapes their adulthood as responsible citizens.

As regards the message she tries to convey in one of her paintings, Ms. Selam said that Eritrean woman is not only a kindle of her house but an illuminator of an ever glowing national light. A mother is versatile; she has the strength to transform a barren land into a green area.

Eden Tedros- a painter- tries to reflect the participation and contribution of Eritrean women in education. The role an educated woman plays in the economic development of the country by employing all her strength to transcend all cultural barriers and through her active participation at work places that had been confined to men.

Ms. Beylul Berket, on her part, displayed a painting reflective of the role Eritrean women play in safeguarding the national sovereignty and the overall national development endeavors.

All the paintings and sculptures staged at the hall of the National Union of Eritrean Women depict the full-fledged strength of Eritrean women in all activities.

A sculpture by Sabrin Abdu is also another product of fine art. Like the other works of art staged in the exhibition, Sabrin’s sculpture shows multi-faceted role of women. She crafted the sculpture with gypsum.

Yosan Kaleab is a 4th year student at Eritrea Institute of Technology. She made a machine that dries manure for bio-fuel. She invented the machine in order to enable women in rural areas make use of it. Smokeless ovens have been largely introduced in various rural areas and the use of trees for fire wood is no longer needed. So, the invention of this machine will be effective in the reduction of bio-fuel consumption. This machine dries manure in just two hours and it saves time and energy.

All the female artists who took part in the exhibition share common views that Eritrean mother of the post independence period is a mother, a student, an administrator, a leader and, above all, an inventor. She toils and moils to be in this passion through pragmatic works.

Ms. Zayid Mesfn, head of Finance and Administration at the NUEW, said that the exhibition is part of the celebratory events of the 27th independence anniversary. Through the artistic works the female artists try to convey a message as regards the role women play in the realization of development undertakings in all sectors.

Ms. Zayid said that the objective of the exhibition is to encourage women participate in invention and innovation activities and to motivate them take part in all works of art.

The Eritrean people are celebrating the hard won independence. Visiting tourists are also enjoying the national celebrations along with their Eritrean friends. The 27th independence anniversary has become an event for get-together and sharing of mutual happiness among multi-nationalities.

Happy Independence week!!!

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