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“…People Should Value and Respect Their Career”

Born and raised in Asmara. Eng. Tomas Habte is a young man who has worked hard to chase his dream of becoming an engineer. Once he achieved it he went on to share his knowledge with his younger compatriots as he taught in Segeneiti Secondary School.

  • Can you tell us something about yourself?

I was one of the competitive students of my school when I was in secondary school. We also had that spirit at home; all my older siblings were successful in school. I have always had the desire to follow in their footsteps. On top of that, most of the students in my neighborhood either graduated from universities and technical schools or were students of middle school. Therefore, I was probably the youngest and had many people that could help.

  • How did you prepare for Sawa?

I finished everything I had to do before I left for Sawa. I had studied a lot and on top of that was mentally prepared for challenges I might face in Sawa. However, dueto some kind of bad luck, my father died before I even left. That affected the score I had at my matriculation exam. Although I wasn’t satisfied with what I got, my score was enough for me to join the department I dreamt of and afterwards I continued to study hard.

  • How was college life? Was it as expected?

College life is the time you shape your future. The field of study is indeed interesting. Especially, the role of the teachers makes it much more endearing. People such as the head of the department, Eng. Abraha Yohhanes, and teachers Michel Mesfn made the students fall in love with the field. And I would like to thank them on behalf of all the students.

  • You chose chemical engineering, any reason for that?

In general, Engineering focuses on the physical science. Chemical engineering is a vast department that deals with the physical science and biological science. Basically, it is a field that fits in any kind of engineering such as electrical, mechanical and pharmaceutical. The field also has another name, king of engineering. As interesting as it is, I was fascinated by the subject and that is why I chose the field.
Safety of employees, tools and the environment is the number one priority in chemical engineering. It’s after all these that benefit and time is considered. In few words, I specialized in a field that allows me to be flexible.

  • How was the study?

I joined the field when it was newly introduced, which means the students had to live with lack of tools in the laboratories. However, the teacher that I mentioned above played a great role in motivating and finding solutions for us to learn. They supported us in any way in our educational journey. Also, the professionals that we met during our practical training at v a r i o u s institutions m a d e a great impression on our s t u d i e s . We have visited many factories and companies such as the refinery in Assab, Bisha Mining Company, Azel pharmacy factory, Soap and Omo factory, and beer factory.

  • What was your impression during those visits?

It was a great experience. Not only did we get to see the great Eritrean factories and companies, but we have also had the opportunity to meet experienced and talented elders. Those elders didn’t have the education we were fortunate to get, but they were amazingly skillful with the knowledge they got through the long years of experiences. One thing I learned then was that people should value and respect their career.

  • You have also had an opportunity to teach, how was the experience?

It wasn’t challenging for me as my siblings were teachers. It was a great experience; it was actually the time when I upgraded my laboratory knowledge.

  • Where did you go after teaching?

I was assigned to the Ministry of Energy and Mines (CEP) in 2013. I was working as a supervisor of the processing department until I was re-assigned to work in the Central Regulatory Office. I am currently working as the Head of the Processing Department.

  • Married…

Yes. I got married in 2013 to my wife Haben Fitshatsion and I am proud to say that I am a father of a beautiful little girl.

  • Any future plans you might want to share with us?

I want to keep working to get a higher level education.

  • Before we say our good byes….

I want to say that my success is the outcome of my families’ support throughout my study years. Also, I would like to thank our government for all the opportunities it has provided us.

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