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Enthusiastic Independence Day Celebrations at Home and Abroad

Eritrean nationals inside the country and abroad have celebrated the 27th Independence Day Anniversary with enthusiasm. The celebrations across the globe highlighted unity in diversity of the Eritrean people and the value of independence to the nation. Highlights of the celebrations at home and in different corners of the world follow:

Independence Carnival in Asmara

A carnival was staged in the streets of Asmara on May 22 in connection with the 27th Independence Day Anniversary. The carnival which highlighted the activities of EPLF departments that were active behind the frontlines during the armed struggle for independence was opened by Mr. Al-Amin Mohamed Seid, PFDJ Secretary, and Maj. General Romodan Osman Aweliai, Governor of the Central region.

The carnival was organized by 13 sub-zones of the Central region and covered all the way from “Shida” to Harnet and Martyrs Avenue, including Bahti Meskerem square.

The carnival won popular acclaim by Asmara city residents, Eritrean nationals from the Diaspora and foreign nationals.

Southern and Anseba Regions

The 27th Independence Day anniversary was colourfully celebrated at regional level on 22 and 23 May in the Southern and Anseba regions respectively. The regional Governors, PFDJ officials, religious leaders, members of Eritrean Defense Force and residents of the respective regions took part in the Independence Day celebrations.

At a ceremony held in Mendefera, Southern region, the Director General of the Department of Culture and Sports, Mr. Abraham Yohannes, commended the role and contribution of the Youth for the success of the Independence Day anniversary celebrations from a village to a regional level.

Mr. Efrem Gebrekirstos, Governor of the Southern region, on his part expressed admiration to the people and government of Eritrea for their role in safeguarding sovereignty and ensuring development and rebuilding of the nation over the past 27 years of Independence, and said that successful achievement that can be a foundation for better future has been registered.

Meanwhile, Anseba region held the Independence Day Celebrations on 23 May in Keren at a regional level. Mr. Ali Mahmud, Governor of the region stated during the event that major development programs with particular focus on remote areas have been implemented since the dawn of Independence and that it has contributed to the improvement of the living standard of the society. He also indicated that Independence Day reminds the hard work ahead in the journey to build a developed nation. Independence Day celebrations in the Southern and Anseba regions featured different cultural shows and sports competitions as well as exhibitions, and public gatherings among others.

Gash Barka region

During the celebrations in Barentu, Gash Barka region, the Governor of the region, Mr. Fisehaye Haile, stated that the heavy sacrifice the people of Eritrea paid for realizing independence and safe guarding national sovereignty attests to the Eritrean people’s love of their country and the value they give to independence.

being exerted to realize the newly initiated development endeavors, Mr. Fisahaye called for strengthened organizational capacity and public participation towards the success of chartered out nation-building programs.
The celebrations featured cultural and artistic performances depicting the value of independence, military parade, marching band as well as students’ calisthenics and musical dramas.


Eritrean nationals residing in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, have celebrated the 27th Independence Day anniversary under the theme “Vision through Toil” featuring various activities portraying their attachment with their homeland. During the celebration held in Kampala, Uganda, in which a number of nationals as well as friends of Eritrea took part, “Mereb” cultural troupe and Ugandan musical group staged music and artistic performance. Speaking at the event, Mr. Mohammed Suleiman, Eritrean Ambassador to the Republic of Uganda, said that the Eritrean Independence was the result of relentless struggle and heavy sacrifice and that is the responsibility of every citizen for preserving it.

Likewise, Eritrean nationals residing in Nairobi celebrated the Independence Day anniversary with enthusiasm. Mr. Beyene Russom, Eritrean Ambassador to Kenya, stated that the Independence Day celebration is a reminder for renewing pledge to the martyrs trust and called for strengthening participation in the implementation of the national development drives. The nationals in Rwanda also celebrated Independence Day anniversary featuring different activities portraying the correct image of their country.

Middle East

Eritrean nationals in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Northern Emirates have celebrated the 27th Independence Day anniversary with fervor under the theme “Vision through Toil”. The celebration in Jeddah highlighted cultural and sports programs.

The Head of Public and Community Affairs, Mr. Saleh Mahmud, said that perseverance, commitment, unity and sacrifice have been the noble values of the Eritrean people that made independence possible and called on the nationals to realize the national vision through work.

Similarly, Eritrean nationals residing in Dubai and Northern Emirates celebrated the 27th Independence Day anniversary with patriotic zeal. Noting that Eritrean independence is the outcome of the committed struggle of the Eritrean people, Eritrea’s Ambassador to the UAE, Mr. Osman Mohammed-Nur, stated that the Eritrean people will repeat the miracle demonstrated during the struggle for independence in the implementation of national development programs.


Eritrean nationals in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, England, Switzerland, France and Norway have celebrated the 27th Independence Day anniversary with deep enthusiasm.

The participants of the celebrations in the Italian cities of Milano, Brescia, Bologna, Napoli Rome, Catania, Bari, Genoa, Torino, Parma and Florence said that Independence Day is the outcome of heavy human and material sacrifice the Eritrean people paid and expressed resolve to strengthen participation in the realization of national development endeavors.

Likewise, Eritreans in the Netherlands also celebrated Independence Day anniversary in Rasivaik in which a number of friends of Eritrea took part. Also during similar celebrations in Neundorf, Switzerland, the Head of Public and Community Affairs, Mr. Sleshi Idris, the Charge d’Affaires, Mr. Bereket Woldeyohanes, and the First Secretary, Mr. Adem Osman, respectively gave briefings on the objective situation in the homeland and the progress registered in the nation-building drive.

The Eritrean Ambassador to the European Union, Mr. Negasi Kassa, said that the Eritrean people emerged victorious foiling external conspiracies designed to derail the nation’s progress and that the vision of the Eritrean people and their leadership would be realized through hard work and commitment.

In the same vein, Eritrean nationals in Cologne, Tubingen, Munich, and Wuppertal, Germany celebrated Independence Day anniversary with various cultural and artistic programs. The Eritrean community in the respective cities of Germany said that the Eritrean people have paid heavy human and material sacrifice for independence and safeguarding the national sovereignty and called for transferring the noble societal values to the young generation.

The Eritrean nationals residing in Paris, France, have also celebrated Independence Day anniversary with enthusiasm featuring cultural and artistic activities. Speaking at the event, Ms. Hanna Simon, Eritrea’s Ambassador to France, said that the Eritrean people realized their independence through their strong unity, perseverance and resilience and called for enhanced participation towards the success of national development endeavors.

During similar celebrations held in London in which over 2 thousand nationals and friends of Eritrea participated highlighted activities depicting the cultural diversity as well as unity of the Eritrean people.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Estifanos Habtemariam, Eritrea’s Ambassador to the UK and Northern Ireland, said that Independence Day celebration is the occasion in which Eritrean nationals demonstrate their unity and the attachment they have with their country. According to reports, Eritrean nationals residing in the cities of Manchester, Birmingham, New Castel, Sheffield, Nottingham, Coventry, Leeds and Leicester have also celebrated the 27th Independence Day anniversary with patriotic zeal.

In the same vein, Eritrean nationals in Stockholm, Sweden, Oslo, Norway, as well as Brussels, Belgium, celebrated the Independence Day with different sport competitions, cultural and artistic performance and activities that highlighted the professional and academic potential of the youth.

USA, Canada and Australia

Eritrean nationals residing in the US cities of New Orleans, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Columbus, Las Vegas, Colorado, and the Canadian city of Winnipeg, New Zealand as well as Australia celebrated the 27th Independence Day anniversary with deep patriotism.

The celebration in the cities of the USA highlighted activities depicting the unity in diversity of the Eritrean people as well as transferring the noble societal values to the young generation. During the celebrations, the Eritrean nationals residing in New Orleans conducted a number of activities highlighting their attachment with the homeland and the Mayor of the city, Ms. LaToya Canatell, announced that May 24 be dedicated as the “Day of Eritrean Independence”.

Eritrean nationals in Canadian city of Toronto and Winnipeg also celebrated Independence Day anniversary during which different activities highlighting the nation’s correct image featured. Briefings were also given on the socio-economic, political and diplomatic progress of the nation. In another report, Independence Day celebrations in cities of Melbourne, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand, witnessed the participation of thousands of nationals and friends of Eritrea.

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