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11th Commencement of Eritrea Institute of Technology

The Eritrean Institute of technology (EIT) conferred degrees and diplomas to 1313 of its graduates from the colleges of Engineering, Science and Education at its 11th commencement held on 7th July.

In his speech, Prof. Ghebrehiwet Medhanie, vice president of the Institute, congratulated the graduates and their families and said that the world is changing rapidly in the path of development. This fast development of society is assisted by science and technology, and as part of this scenario of development, he added, our country is also making steady progress in its developmental plans.

Prof. Ghebrehiwet said that as this year’s slogan for our independence day was “vision through toil”, the vision of our Institute is to become a leading center of excellence in the fields of Science, Engineering and Education in the country, and to produce qualified scientists, engineers, and teachers that will contribute to the development of the country. The three colleges in EIT are striving to meet the demands and needs of the country in order to have effective contribution to the national development. This is done by injecting quantitative and qualitative changes in the activities of the colleges. He added that at the beginning of the year the colleges had a series of discussions with their stakeholders in order to explore the needs of stakeholders, and to that effect, to improve the curriculum and system of education in each department. Each college has come up with possible changes believed to improve the teaching and learning process and to meet the demands of the stake holders, in particular, and the country, in general.

In this year’s commencement, a total of 1313 students are graduated, out of which 603 obtained diplomas, 710 BSc degrees and 32 master’s degrees. The college of Education has graduated 132 with degree and 311 with diploma. The college of Engineering has graduated 292 with degree and 210 with diploma. The College of science has graduated 32 with master’s degree, 254 with BSc degree and 82 with diploma.

Prof. Ghebrehiwet underlined that at the beginning of the academic year they started using the new building for the College of Science which was constructed under the China aid. He added this new infra-structure will add a drastic change in the quality of teaching and learning in our institute in general and the College of Science in particular. The new science building has modern facilities including laboratories, conference halls, lecture halls, class rooms, offices and library.

Prof. Ghebrehiwet further said that the college of Engineering was supposed to use five newly constructed workshops, but that was delayed due to some problems. The workshops are going under some construction modifications and they will be functional in the coming academic year. All these added values to upgrade the system of education are the collective results of the efforts made by the government of Eritrea that gives priority to the development of its human capital.

Prof. Ghebrehiwet told the graduates that graduation is truly a time to celebrate and it is a turning point in their life. The experience they gained at the Institute has been a privilege and a time to transform them to a professional citizen. During their stay in the Institute, in additional to the skills they have learned , they have also acquired many humanistic wisdom, they are equipped with basic tools to listen and express themselves, identify problems and come up with solutions. All of these will help them in the future and to act as responsible citizens who will actively participate in and contribute to the national development.

At the end of his speech, Prof. Ghebrehiwet also mentioned and thanked the governmental partners who are helping EIT in many different ways including transportation, finance, and fields for research.

After the conferral of degrees and diplomas and the presentation of awards to outstanding graduates, a speech was given by a representative of the graduates, Mrs. Winta Kidane, who said that on that special day they accomplished one of the major early milestones of their lives. She underlined that education is a very important tool in our modern times and, particularly, in our individual lives. Considering this moment as a key for future gates of opportunities, she called on her fellow graduates to widen their perceptions and learn to add on their accomplishments that lead them to more success.

Mrs. Winta said that nowadays the world is full of opportunities and challenges. So as the EIT community has served them with all its capacities, it is their turn to show the world that they are responsible citizens, and are ready to make their own contribution to the betterment of the world.

Before the program was closed a graduation address was given by Mr. Semere Russom, Minister of Education. The minister congratulated the graduates on behalf of the Eritrean government and said that the government is making substantial investment in expanding higher education institutes across the country and that the number of higher education institutes has increased from one in pre-independence Eritrea to eight after independence. The number of students joining higher education institutes has also increased in huge numbers.

Mr. Semere underlined that graduation is an occasion when students accomplish one step in their journey and join the workforce in the nation building process. He reminded them to serve their people with a great enthusiasm.

One of the graduates, Mr. Beamlak Haile, who received a master’s degree, said that education is an ongoing process; it does not have an end. Every human being learns new things each day. As a result a person should always seek to learn more in order to improve his capacity. He added that this day is not an end of learning but just a transformation to a new experience.

One of the parents of graduates, Eng. Alem Habteson, also said that seeing the children reach this level is such a blessing. It is like an answer to every parent’s prayer. She added that the government has supported them to accomplish their children’s dreams and needs by giving an opportunity. And now it is their turn to support their people and parents by using their knowledge and experience.

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