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“Football is in our hearts”

  • Young Eritrean footballers give their impression after their experience in the FIFA program Football for Friendship FIFA organized Football for Friendship program alongside the World Cup 2018 in Russia in which two young Eritreans took part with great enthusiasm. In an interview they gave before leaving for the program Abel Solomon and Aminadab Yonatan told Eritrea Profile that football is in their hearts. They explained saying that not playing football, be it, in the stadium or just out in the streets with their friends would make them feel sad.

Having an opportunity to be a part of a program will boost their confidence and urge them to devote more time and passion to the sport while being good examples for the rest of the children taking part in the Eritrea Grassroots Program. This is according to Daniel Yohanness, Technical Director in the Eritrean National Federation of Football. Daniel travelled with Abel and Aminadab to Russia and told media outlets that he was proud of them.

In the program, Abel took the role of a journalist being an ambassador to his country. He spent long hours to represent his identity, his country and the football tradition that he grew up surrounded by. On the other hand, Amindab showed great potential and techniques. Therefore he had several play times, so much so that towards the end his fatigue hindered him from preforming to his potential.

After a memorable journey that lasted for nine days, the boys returned home to their friends, coaches and families, whom they’ve made extremely proud. Abel and Aminadab explain that they have learned a lot from the trip. Getting to make new friends while playing their favorite sport is the most treasured memory of these two young footballers and that along with their friends in the grassroots program, are the hope of a bright future of football in Eritrea.

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