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How Twitter Reacted to President Isaias Afwerki’s historic three day visit to Ethiopia

If you want a to get a feeling of how people are reacting to a certain event, in this case President Isaias Afwerki making a historic visit to Ethiopia, then twitter is the place to be. Eritreans and Ethiopians in their respective countries and abroad have been very busy cranking up their mobile phones and sending tweets all over tweeter-sphere -, posting their comments of joy and ecstasy.

And before you ask, yes twitter does work in both countries. Here are the best of reactions from twitter this past weekend.
It all started when President Isaias Afwerki on his address to Eritrean youth in Sawa announced he was going to travel to Addis Ababa the very next day.

@Semhar couldn’t hide her excitement:

President Isaias Afwerki of #Eritrea will make a historic visit to #Ethiopia today, his first in over 20 years. Our collective hearts are singing w joy & hope -#tesfa. We all want peace. We have always wanted peace.


July 14th 2018, 9 A.M. President Isaias Afwerki arrives at Addis Ababa, Bole Airport: @tsearaia tweeted the following:

A Heroes welcome full of pageantry, love, respect, dignity, and comradely for PIA in #Ethiopia. It seems like the beginning of the African renaissance. Heartfelt thanks to the Ethiopian people for the honor, respect, and dignity that he deserves. Viva Eritrea-Ethiopia Viva


On the other hand, @Kassabeee tweeted what everybody was thinking about Dr.Abiy’s hugs….
I swear Abiy Ahmed gives the best hugs. He looks so genuinely happy

Hellen Kassa@Kassabeee

During his visit, the President received numerous gifts; the following Twitter users just couldn’t get enough of the scenes:

President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea has received an emotional homage in Ethiopia. The most amazing one was when a pleasant mother from Wollega, a region in the western part of Ethiopia, sent a gold gift to the President upon which he refused to accept until he sees her in person.

Mohamed H. Ingiriis@M_H_Ingiriis

After the President of Eritrea had received, what can be considered the highest of gifts in that of a traditional Ethiopia cape (Kaba) @weini_amine simple wrote King of Africa

Ngus Africa
Weini Amine @weini_amine

In the midst of things @ri_kh remembered there was a world cup final being played halfway across the globe, and had this to say.

The only nations I’m rooting for today is #Ethiopia and #Eritrea.

Tarik @ri_kh

@Ghenet4Eritrea, took a little jibe at the Main Stream Media for choosing to be on the wrong side of History.

Has anyone seen the #MSM ? No where to be found, no cut & paste defamation news to present. I think they swallowed their #tongues. They can’t stomach the good news bn #Eritrea & #Ethiopia .

GhenetU4Eritrea Ghenet4Eritrea

@FrehiwotNG praised the unwavering love between Eritrean and Ethiopian people.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” Thank you #Ethiopia #Eritrea #Onepeople 2 countries

Frehiwot Negash@FrehiwotNG

@eritreacompass also had this to say,

#Eritrea/n President Isaias Afwerki receives unprecedented level of praise at z millennium hall in Addis & gives a historical speech showing great respect to z people of #Ethiopia addressing z crowd & nation in Amharic! All z demonization campaign of z last 20 yrs holds no value!

Eritrea Compass eritreacompass

Classic President Isaias Afwerki foresight from @RedSeaFisher:

#Eritrea’s hero Isaias Afwerki has been doing it since a teenager in the 1960s: “To resolve the problems of our people, to give them a tranquil and prosperous life, we must build a society that is free of exploitation of man by man and independent of foreign aid” (1974)

Red Sea Fisher@RedSeaFisher

@ShehuSani was impressed by Eritrea’s and Ethiopia’s efforts to resolve their differences without the involvement of any third party,

No Mediation by the UN, No intercession by the EU, No meddling by the west or East, No facilitation by the International NGOs; Ethiopia and Eriteria have made peace. A Proof that Africa can solve its problems without foreign intervention. Kudos to @Dr_Abiy_ Ahmed & Isaias Afwerki.

Senator Shehu Sani@ShehuSani

Judging from these tweets, apparently I wasn’t the only emotional this weekend:
Never seen my dad this emotional now he can finally take his mom to her final resting place

Baby Nunu @ninnabraham0

This weekend, it was too much for my heart to handle! Witnessing all the #Ethiopians cheering Pres #IsaiasAfwerki during his historic visit after more than 20yrs, The respect given by the people in #Hawassa, Hearing the #Eritrean natl anthem at millennium hall.#Peace #Eritrea

Mela G/Medhin@Ertrawit
This has been emotional week. Looking at the ppl on street Addis celebrating, it is just amazing what leaders do and how much it effects innocent people. Congratulations

Nardos matusala NardosMatusala

@AFissehatsion is definitely happy seeing the President this happy.

After 20 years Eritrea bled, suffered, fought, Finally, it paid the highest price! PEACE!!!! Seeing President Isaias Afwerki this Happy, his Happiness makes me happier.

Aida Fissehatsion@AFissehatsion

@LonzenRugira & @eliasamare where on the same page and suggested an African Peace Prize for both leaders.

Africa needs it’s own Peace Prize for moments like the one involving Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki. Don’t wait for the Nobel!

Lonzen Rugira@LonzenRugira

It’s done. #Eritrea & #Ethiopia have ended the vicious cycle of war that haunted their societies for decades, & made PEACE. Both President Isaias Afwerki & Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed deserve a special joint #AfricanUnion Peace Prize for their visionary & courageous statesmanship.

Elias Amare@eliasamare

Upon President Isaias’s departure @Ab_Metkel wished the president a safe journey back to Asmara. About two hours later, @1People1Heart confirmed the President had safely arrived in Asmara, while @ HermonE_J thanked the Ethiopia people and the Prime minister for looking after the President.

Safe journey President Isaias #Afwerki. Congratulation for your victory achieved by unwavering stand for peace in #Eritrea & #Ethiopia.

Biniam Tareke@Ab_Metkel

H.E president Isaias Afewerki arrived in #Asmara airport safely. Thank you Dr. Abiy Ahmed and Ethiopian people for the heartwarming hospitality. Our heart is still smiling. Together, we will fight poverty. Long live #Eritrea and #Ethiopian. Peace is a key for everything.

Mussie Sibhatu @1People1Heart

Heartfelt Thank You to Ethiopian People and PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed for looking after our President Isaias.

HermonYemane@ HermonE_J

Meanwhile, @stesfamariam, just like the rest of us, was watching the summit all over again.
…..watching the #Eritrea #Ethiopia peace summit all over again-Trying to put PM Abiy Ahmed’s “medemer” and the mathematical formula, into plain English…I got the end result- peace, security and development- now working on the other variables-the constant being good will

Sophia Tesfamariam@ stesfamariam


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