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Strengthened effort to control malaria
Commendable effort to control erosion
Meeting on implementation of development programs

  • Strengthened effort to control malaria

Sawa, 26 August 2018 – Strengthened effort is being conducted to control and prevent the prevalence of malaria and to reach the desired goal in Sawa, Dr. Feruz Abdu, general medical doctor in Sawa Hospital stated.

According to Dr. Feruz, thanks to the increased number and quality of health institutions in the region as well as enhanced awareness of the society, the number of deaths as a result of malaria infection has dramatically declined and that sustained prevention and controlling activities are being conducted to completely eradicate the prevalence of the disease.

Stating that ensuring health is responsibility of the whole society, Dr. Feruz also underlined the significance of environmental sanitation activities, proper use of impregnated mosquito nets, eliminating mosquito breeding areas, as well as implementing expert counseling as foundations for eradicating malaria and called on the public to get treatment as soon as they feel sick.

The representative of public health in Forto Sawa, Mr. Yemane Tewelde on his part stated that anti-mosquito drugs have been sprayed in Sawa recently.

  • Commendable effort to control erosion

Segeneity, 26 August 2018- The residents of Degra-Libe, Segeneity sub-zone are conducting commendable activities with the help of machinery aimed at controlling erosion. So far they have constructed 2300 cubic meters of water diversions scheme.

Eng. Tsehaie Gebremeskel, water and soil conservation expert indicated that the popular campaign that started in mid-June is being conducted with strong participation of the residents and that so far 80% of the program has been implemented.

In related news, the representative of the Forestry and Wildlife Authority, Mr. Robel Tesfu said that 60 thousand tree seedlings have been planted in various areas of the Segneity sub-zone.

  • Meeting on implementation of development programs

Massawa, 26 August 2018 – In a meeting conducted with Mr. Mahmud Ibrahim, administrator of Gelalo sub zone, the residents of Engle administrative area conducted extensive discussion on the implementation of development programs.

At the meeting, Mr. Mahmud underscored that the development programs being implemented in the area is part of the national effort that has been exerted to ensure social justice and improve livelihood of the society.

Mr. Mahmud also called on the society to strengthen contribution in expanding and developing social services institutions, such as health, education, and water supply institutions as well as reinforcing wild animals and forest prevention activities.

In the meanwhile, police in Gelalo sub zone has organized a workshop to the residents of the sub zone with the objective of enhancing awareness of the society on law and order and minimizing crimes.

Speaking at the event, Sergeant Hasebela Mahamed, head of the police station in the sub zone, presented a report on the activities being conducted to prevent crimes and traffic accidents and called on parents to exert integrated effort in upbringing disciplined and responsible youth.

Engle administrative area comprises of 2000 residents.

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